Numerical control woodworking machine coating requirements

by:Gewinn     2020-04-14
1 numerical control woodworking machine coating requirements. Machine tool lathe bed before coating inspection on lathe bed casting, the surface uneven place to use the tools for renovation, on the surface of the dirt to be removed. 2. After mechanical processing of numerical control woodworking machine, paint before must use clean industrial metal cleaner or gasoline for leaching or scrub, ensure complete removal of grease and other contaminants on the surface of the. 3. Paint brush or spray, dip wants even, primer must be fully stir well before use, diluted to appropriate year to apply again. 4. Fill the sag of atomic ash castings to add curing agent, according to the instructions on the use of the product must fully stir well before use. 5. If you've used vinyl chloride filling lathe bed casting sag, each blade coating shoulds not be too thick, coating thickness is in commonly 0. Around 5 mm, each blade coating after must wait to cleaning coating materials dry. 6. Used vinyl chloride after must wait for the dry filling lathe bed casting sag to burnish, every time all need to thoroughly remove surface after grinding and dust grinder. Key words: numerical control woodworking machine
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