Numerical control woodworking machine to cover the requirements of the machine tool

by:Gewinn     2020-04-15
Numerical control woodworking machine requirements for lubrication of the shield machine is commonly: (1). Rough machining machine tool slide, want to consider the appropriate year, good lubrication machine can ‍ and extreme pressure function is very important. ②。 The emphasis and difficulty in machine tool protective cover slide, guide rail movement is repeated, and the speed and load change is very big, easy to flush the crawling phenomenon, which reduces the machining accuracy and even lead to scrap machine shield, so early to select lubricating oil to consider appropriate viscosity and climbing resistance good lubricating oil. ③。 Machine tool lubrication points and more complex machine tool lubrication at the same time, so we adopt the automatic lubrication, to save manpower, and ensure reliable lubrication. ④。 Machine tool lubrication system, hydraulic system and the friction pair, bad sealing, can make the metal abrasive dust in the process of machining, grinding powder into such as to the lubrication system, not only may be blocking oil mill speed oil deterioration. ⑤。 In metal cutting and grinding machine for cooling and lubrication, cutting tool and machining using emulsion and mostly in grinding machine with aqueous solution of sodium tripolyphosphate are likely to enter to the lubricating oil, promote censures metamorphism and emulsified oil. Therefore, necessary to consider when choosing lubricating oil to oil demulsibility, resistance to water, rust and prevent erosion. More numerical control woodworking machine: WWW. gmhwjx。 com
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