Numerical control woodworking machinery according to the classification of process

by:Gewinn     2020-04-17
With the progress of era, the development of science and technology, numerical control lathe more and more applied in industrial production, the types of numerical control lathe is also becoming more and more. The following numerical control woodworking machinery for you detailed introduces the classification of the CNC lathe. According to the process USES classification, the most commonly used numerical control lathe into nc drilling machine, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC boring machine, CNC grinding machine, CNC gear machine tools, CNC engraving machine and other metal cutting machine tool. While the machine is very big difference in terms of process technology, the concrete control method also each are not identical, but they are suitable for single piece and small batch and many varieties of parts processing, has the very good processing size consistency, high productivity and automation program. In addition to metal cutting processing of nc machine tools, CNC technology has also been used for punching machine, pressing machine, pipe bending machine, bending machine, cutting machine, welding machine, flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, and high pressure water cutting machine and other non-metallic cutting machine. In recent years, are widely used in the processing equipment is numerical control technology, one of the most common are automatic assembly machine, coordinate measuring machine, automatic drawing machine, numerical control of dyeing machine, rapid prototyping machines and industrial robot, etc. Since the company put forward higher request to the machining accuracy and productivity, the principle of technology concentrated is adopted, a manufacturing base for various types of machine tools. Processing base not only has the general nc machine tools of all functions, but also libraries and automatic tool change device with the knife, broke in on a nc machine tool can complete one or two of traditional concept. In milling processing base, for example, added a large capacity on CNC milling machine knife library ( Usually can accommodate 20 - 120 all kinds of cutting tool) And active by the knife device, after a clamping workpiece, most of the parts processing and surface milling, boring, drilling, reaming, dumplings and tapping hole etc process. Pentahedron processing base of machine tools in recent years, in a clamping can be finished in addition to the mounting surface of the surface of the box all the processing. Turning processing base has been widely used, it can be done in a clamping all the processing process of axially symmetrical parts, Including turning, milling plane, internal and external surface of milling, drilling and tapping and other processes) 。 Processing base of machine tool can be effectively avoid caused by multiple clamping positioning error, and reduce the sets and covers an area of the machine tool, greatly improved productivity and processing automation. Can be classified by the use of the technology method for continuous development of nc machine tools play an important guiding role for the new product. Above is the numerical control woodworking machinery for you in detail. To learn more about numerical control woodworking lathe, please continue to visit our website.
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