Numerical control woodworking machinery daub antirust paint process

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
A lot of companies currently using numerical control woodworking machinery, because each enterprise production environment is different, low management level, for maintenance of the equipment does not reach the designated position, and so on, this kind of situation is easy to rust, good anti-rust paint process was discovered at the moment, the following automatic double-sided copying after vendors would give you a brief introduction. Surface treatment equipment. Daub antirust paint quality, largely depends on the degree of surface cleaning equipment, if the original surface equipment fossa, solder joints, stripes, after daub antirust paint, this can cause some expansion, off the spot phenomenon occurs, as the saying goes, the devil is details, some small spots will be gradually extended to other paint layer, reduce the service life of the antirust paint. In order to deal with the metal surface, and must pass a degreasing, hot water washing, acid washing, phosphating flushing, etc. , after drying, the antirust coating to metal surface bonding strength will increase more than a few times. Degreasing and phosphating of these two chemical treatment is crucial, generally don't omit without permission. Equipment technology. Daub equipment surface now, many enterprises use empty spray technology, although we still have some limitations in the process of using advanced technology, but we can already be applied in some aspects, such as some large state-owned enterprises have formed a special spraying line, streamline operations, can be in the film when they enter the next process chain. Equipment technology management. Quality control is an important process equipment before they leave the factory, including the management process of quality control and measure, primarily through X-ray detector inspection on coating, prevent unqualified coating factory, affect the enterprise image. CNC wood mechanical bed in our country antirust paint technology also has the very big development space, working to develop anticorrosive paint process, also can yet be regarded as a good way to surprise.
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