Numerical control woodworking machinery environmental request

by:Gewinn     2020-04-12
Numerical control woodworking machinery just as its name implies is to use numerical control system of wood processing equipment, it is not only high machining efficiency, and cost savings. But any equipment used are its appropriate use environment, to avoid environmental damaged equipment unnecessary obstacles, then below small make up to introduce everyone to numerical control woodworking machinery environmental request. Numerical control woodworking machinery working environment temperature should be should be under taken in 40 degrees. In general, the numerical control electric cabinet with internal fan or cooling fan, to maintain the electronic components, especially the CPU working temperature or constant temperature difference is very small. When the temperature is too high will lead to lower control system component life, and leads to failure. Higher temperature, dust will lead to increased bonding in integrated circuit boards, and cause a short-circuit. Numerical control woodworking machinery used in the process of running, must pay attention to the working environment and conditions of use, only the reasonable use lathe, to play its actual performance, to a great extent improve efficiency, reduce the cost. Numerical control woodworking machinery location selection should be far away from the source of vibration, avoid direct sunlight, and the influence of thermal radiation, avoid the influence of humidity and airflow. Near the source, such as lathe, around the lathe should be set vibration ditch. Otherwise will directly affect the machining precision of lathe and its stability, easy to produce electronic components poor contact, failure, affect the reliability of the machine tool. Numerical control woodworking machinery in machining workshop, not only environmental temperature change is big, poor conditions of use, and a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, power grid volatility. Therefore, the location of the numerical control woodworking machinery installation, need to have strict control on the power supply voltage. The power supply voltage fluctuation must be within the scope of the permit, and remained relatively stable. Otherwise it will affect the normal work of the CNC system. Above equipment environment choice, hope you can understand according to everyone's right to choose the appropriate numerical control woodworking machinery using the environment, increase the use value of the numerical control woodworking machinery. Really good environment is also one way for numerical control woodworking machinery maintenance. If you have any other questions about CNC woodworking machinery welcome to contact with me, we must serve you wholeheartedly.
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