Numerical control woodworking machinery error correct

by:Gewinn     2020-04-21
Numerical control woodworking machinery precision is higher, but because of many problems result in error, or superposition of focus error, error in general a total of 21, we must find out the cause of error of numerical control woodworking lathe, provide lathe precision! If just one will find solutions to the overall error of the numerical control woodworking lathe solve effect the accuracy is not very obvious. If use spatial accuracy compensation method for numerical control woodworking lathe work when the error is corrected, can maximum limit reduce error, is one of the most optimal method of reduce error. At present many international well-known manufacturers are own numerical control system to support this space precision compensation method ( The three-dimensional error compensation or VCS) , as long as it is usually use this approach, in the numerical control woodworking lathe processing, can maximum limit to correct the error on the machine. Numerical control woodworking machinery operators must fully understand the knowledge of the lathe, avoid the existence of the problem, improve the precision of numerical control woodworking lathe!
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