Numerical control woodworking machinery factory before debugging

by:Gewinn     2020-04-20
Numerical control woodworking machinery requirements are very high, in the factory of the time to debug the lathe is in line with the normal. So lathe commissioning including those, what methods of how to debug? Our antai nc today for everyone to share! A there are many kinds of manual, numerical control lathe on experimental experiment: first the accuracy of the manual operation experiment manual operation; Understand the spindle shift experiment; Super routine laboratory experiments. Second, the numerical control lathe empty regulated experiment: 1. Active dynamic organization work experiment, at the highest speed period shall not be less than 1 hour, main shaft bearing temperature not over 70 ℃, temperature rise shall not exceed 40 ℃; 2. Empty string work experiments, the movement time of not less than 8 hours, each cycle time is not more than 15 minutes. Stop the end of each loop, and simulate card workpiece movement, parking is not more than a minute, then continue to work. Three, numerical control lathe on the function of debugging experiment: 1. With buttons, switches, artificial manipulation function experiment was carried out on the machine. The experimental operation flexibility, stability and reliability of function; 2. The spindle high, medium and low speed change experiment. Instruction value of the speed and the display value tolerance of + / - 5%; 3. You can choose any one of feeding in XZ shaft on the entire journey, successive work feed and hurtling into the experiment. The rapid stroke should be greater than 1/2 full stroke. Sides and successive operation of not less than seven times; 4. You can choose any one of the main shaft spindle speed do start, forward, back, stop after experiment. For not less than 7 times; 5. Chuck clamping, loosen, flexibility and reliability of experiment; 6. On the entire journey of X and Z axis, low, medium and high feeding switch to experiment. Turret head various transposition clamp experiments. 7. Spindle to do is turn, turn, stop and change spindle speed experiment; 8. Into the organization for low and high feeding hurtling into to a change in the experiment; 9. Turret head to carry on the positive and negative direction transfer experiment; 10. Hydraulic do seal, smooth, cooling system, smooth, cooling experiments, do not leak; 11. Experiments into position to coordinate overtravel, manual data entry, display, back to the reference point, the program number instructions and retrieval, program pause, delete and address line interpolation, linear cutting cluelessness, taper cutting cycle, thread cutting cycle, circular arc cutting cycle, tool position compensation, pitch compensation and gap compensation function of reliability, flexibility, etc. Above is our numerical control woodworking machinery to do commissioning before they go out, you can do when buying CNC woodworking lathe for debugging, see if qualified, avoid future appear unnecessary trouble!
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