Numerical control woodworking machinery faults

by:Gewinn     2020-04-08
Numerical control woodworking machinery as the name suggests is the numerical control technology and the perfect combination of common woodworking machinery and equipment, its high efficiency, simple operation, saving the cost. But, after all, no one is perfect, gold without gather, numerical control woodworking machinery, of course, have some shortcomings, then introduce below small make up to you. 1. Noise: numerical control woodworking machinery rotational speed is high, fast, hard and soft wood, and combined with the wood shipped quickly, so the processing production of large noise, operators working in this environment for a long time, the intensity of labor is big, easy to produce fatigue, feel be agitated, the influence is healthy and easy to make the operator error, inductrial injury accident. 2. Dust: numerical control woodworking machinery in operation, the sawdust high-speed float in the sky, a tiny dust in a large number of suspended in the air, easy to be inhaled, go down for a long time will bring bad influence to people's health. 3. Vibration: when in manual for machine tool feeding, can cause strong local vibration. Paint when wood is uneven, such as manual pushing knot, bending or other defects are more likely to produce vibration, the vibration of the long time will bring bad effect to human body health. Above is the use of numerical control woodworking machinery equipment faults, hope to be of service.
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