Numerical control woodworking machinery in question of the manipulator

by:Gewinn     2020-04-13
Numerical control woodworking machinery as the name suggests is a combination of numerical control technology and woodworking machinery, it is widely used in life. Robots are the indispensable part in numerical control woodworking machinery, but now many people are not very understanding, then below small make up to introduce numerical control woodworking machinery manipulator lane changing problems. 1, knife library and change the knife manipulator on the maintenance of the 1) In manual way to the library with knife, make sure put in place, check if the knife seat lock and reliable; 2) It is forbidden to put the overweight, super long knives into knife library, prevent manipulator change knife dropped during a knife or cutting tool and workpiece collision, fixture, etc; 3) In a sequential way choice knife must pay attention to the cutting tool placed in the order of the knife library is correct. Choose other knife way also should pay attention to whether agree with the required tool for cutting tools, prevent change wrong tool led to the accident; 4) Keep the knife handle and a knife set clean; 5) Check the back to the zero position of the tool storage is correct, check the CNC woodworking lathe spindle back in knife point location is in place, and timely adjust, otherwise can't complete the action in the edge of the sword; 6) When turned on, should first make knife library and manipulator empty running, check whether the parts work is normal, especially the travel switch and solenoid valve can be normal action. Above is the numerical control woodworking machinery manipulator in question, hope to be of service.
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