Numerical control woodworking machinery lightning protection engineering of prevention

by:Gewinn     2020-04-08
CNC machinery has been the important tool of the use of production enterprises, now in the face of the development of the society environment, any equipment in the development and progress, the production development of the enterprise must keep up with the development of era, the use of numerical control woodworking machinery is very common, and the development of numerical control woodworking machinery is soon, among them with the development of the equipment have been many practical performance, the following introduce everyone to numerical control woodworking machinery to prevent some of the lightning protection engineering is introduced. Numerical control lathe in use to prevent lightning strike accident: 1. Nc equipment direct lightning lightning contains a great deal of energy, peak voltage is 5000 kv lightning defined, has a great damage. Form the following three effects: ( 1) Infinite rich current flow within few microseconds moment, make the earth potential agile up high, form a counterattack, damage to the personal and equipment safety. ( 2) Strong electromagnetic wave, lightning current attack on the power cord and signal induction high pulse voltage. ( 3) Lightning current flows through the extremely high quantity of heat, electrical equipment attack form fire or blasting disturbance. 2. Nc equipment lightning of the thunder in the distance of lines or due to a high voltage for electromagnetic induction, the outdoor power supply circuit and communication circuit to electrical equipment within the building indoor. 3. Induction thunder clouds discharge frequently attack between strong electromagnetic wave leads to common mode and differential mode, affect electric equipment operation. The above to introduce about numerical control woodworking machinery of lightning protection engineering analysis, hope to have some help to you. If you have any other want to know the information welcome to inquire!
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