Numerical control woodworking machinery maintenance skills

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
With the development of science and technology, numerical control technology is now in the practical application for woodworking machinery. Numerical control woodworking machinery processing characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, cost savings, let more and more wood processing enterprises enjoy. But numerical control woodworking machinery in use process will often have a little trouble, so small make up today to introduce some numerical control woodworking machinery maintenance skills. ( 1) The cause of the problem: (1) screw support bearing damage or damage of ball screw pair to motor overload. (2) the servo motor fault. (3) servo amplifier failure. Solution: replace the damaged parts. ( 2) The cause of the problem. The backlash compensation amount is too large. The solution: to compensate the gap. ( 3) Numerical control lathe shift is not normal, The hydraulic shift gear machine tool) : the corresponding relay, electromagnet have action, hydraulic cylinder slow or no action. The solution: clean hydraulic pipe, valve, replace filter, hydraulic oil regularly changing to meet the requirements. ( 4) Normal processing cylinder, cone, but processing thread pitch in conformity with requirements. (3) programming errors. (4) the upper limit value is less than the cutting feed processing thread cutting feed speed. The solution: (1) cancel the trial function. (2) replace encoder or the encoder cables. 3. Modify the program. ( 5) (2) the tool carrier signal line fault. The solution: (1) to replace damaged components. ( 6) The cause of the problem and the solution: (1) head rotary insensitive, head lock does not reach the designated position. (2) head positioning pin is broken. (3) rest inversion setting time is short. (4) head screw is loose. (5) tool rest magnetic steel mobile positioning. 6. Rest hall element is damaged. ( 7) EMG( Stop alarm) Word EMG screen flicker. The cause of the problem and the solution: (1) stop switch misoperation and check whether urgent stop switch in the up state, if not please release urgent stop switch. (2) travel limit switch action check whether travel in limit state. If yes, please move the machine to cause limit in the opposite direction of machine tool. (3) servo motor overload. (4) servo amplifier failure. (5) CNC faults. ( 8) All images in the diagnosis of observation, the diagnostic employ 1 or o. ( 9) (2) the backlash compensation is not appropriate. (3) cutting tools, technology and other reasons. ( 10) The cause of the problem: (1) programming calculation in the process of the straight line and arc tangent point coordinates is error. (2) the backlash compensation is not appropriate. Above is the numerical control woodworking machinery common fault and maintenance skills, hope to be of service.
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