Numerical control woodworking machinery motility index

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
At this stage of wood processing industry, has been without the use of numerical control woodworking lathe, is a kind of indispensable processing equipment. Numerical control woodworking lathe not only improves the production efficiency of the entire enterprise, also provides the guarantee on quality. In order to make stable and high efficient numerical control woodworking lathe work, we must ensure that the motility index of the equipment. 1, the spindle speed, numerical control machine tool spindle generally adopts dc or ac motor driver, choose high precision bearing, confirmed the spindle has a wide speed range and a high enough rotary accuracy, rigidity and vibration resistance. At present, the numerical control woodworking lathe spindle speed is generally achieved 5000 ~ 10000, and even higher, especially the emergence of motorized spindle, adapted to the requirement of high speed and high precision. 2, electric spindle: motorized spindle motor is built in spindle unit. Its main characteristic is put the motor spindle, internal work through the drive power supply direct drive spindle, to realize the integration of the motor, the spindle function. The traditional machine tool spindle is working through transmission gear drive the spindle rotation. High-speed motorized spindle, high precision, and stepless variable speed is more conducive to improve the quality of the machine tool, and is widely used in car, grinding, drilling, milling and other machine tools. Motorized spindle structure is compact, high mechanical efficiency, low noise, small vibration, high precision. Easy to realize high speed, high precision of dynamic and static precision, better stability. Can realize stepless speed at rated speed scope, to meet the requirements for working conditions and load changes. Using the drive control technology, can realize accurate, accurate, cut off? *俟δ埽视Τ迪髦行摹⒓庸ぶ行募捌渌鼗驳男枰5缰髦岬闹С判问接懈咚倬芄龆岢校惭怪岢校蝗蠡绞接杏椭⒂臀怼⒂推龋坏缰髦岬氖涑鎏匦杂泻阕睾秃愎β柿街中问健? / SPAN>
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