Numerical control woodworking machinery operation and matters needing attention

by:Gewinn     2020-04-10
With the development of science and technology, wood processing enterprises are now using numerical control woodworking machinery, it is not only high machining efficiency and cost savings. But now there are a lot of people are don't know much about the operation of numerical control woodworking machinery, today small make up take you to understand it. Numerical control woodworking machinery operation: 1, the specific process content. In the common parts on the machine, the content of the process card is straightforward. Many contents, such as the arrangement of the feed line, the size of the cutting parameter, etc. , can be made of the operator's discretion. When machining parts in nc machine tools. Step process card should include the detailed work content and the process parameters such as information; During the nc machining program, every action, every parameter should reflect them, to control the CNC machine automatic nc machining. 2, process complex content. As a result of the numerical control machine tool operation cost and relatively high to the requirement of the operator, so when arranging the nc machining parts, general should first consider using ordinary machine tools add ding: hard times, the use of nc machining can obviously increase the efficiency and quality of complex parts, such as, integral impeller blade, mold processing, etc. ; After a clamping should also be considered to machining on the surface of the multiple multiple characteristics of the parts. Owing to the complicated parts, processing characteristics, more parts of the process and the corresponding complex. Numerical control woodworking machinery operating considerations: ( A) Woodworking machinery operators must be familiar with all kinds of mechanical structure, performance and operation and maintenance method, to use, people accountable for results. ( 2) When operating woodworking machinery, should wear overalls, tighten cuffs, female comrade must wear good working cap, braided into the cap; Don't wear gloves, scarves, etc. ( 3) Machinery must try it out before you start work, parts working properly rear can begin to work. ( 4) Woodworking machinery on the shaft, the chain, pulley, the belt and other moving parts, should be set shield and shield. ( 5) Mechanical if any abnormal situation during operation or other failure occurs, should be immediately cut off the power supply, parking overhaul. ( 6) Replace the planer knives, saw blades, must cut off the total power supply. Above is the numerical control woodworking machinery operation and matters needing attention, hope to be of service.
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