Numerical control woodworking machinery processing thread phenomenon occurring of the surface of the finished product to do!

by:Gewinn     2020-04-20
Now you demand for wood products is very high, but the numerical control woodworking machinery in processing when there is a very serious problem, it's easy to have a thread surface, in fact, this problem can be avoided, let us with aetna numerical control woodworking machinery to get to know it, then you might as well try! We first to analyze the reasons for the formation of it: the standard of the concentricity is not carried out in accordance with the processing standards, technical standard is bearing platform and inner circle to a knife into a car, can't move any processing, or it will lead to different heart inside and outside the circle of the phenomenon. The corresponding solution is to develop a set of center set. Motor rotate in one direction may be due to the measuring terminal 5 v interface between DIR and there is no voltage in click on the forward and backward between 5 v and OV change, it is also possible that is due to the cable or the control system failure, it will replace the cable or the access control system; May also be a motion control system wiring board has a problem, can swap drives to the plug on the patch panel to test, if the problem really out here is about to change the wiring board; The last may be drive is broken, the exchange of the drive motor plug for testing, if it is just change the new drive. Numerical control woodworking machinery processing of the surface of the finished product appearance of thread processing method, we can have a try, very effective, if you have this kind of problem is solved!
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