Numerical control woodworking machinery prompt spindle speed matters needing attention

by:Gewinn     2020-04-21
Found in the use of numerical control woodworking lathe spindle acceleration, and then to stop the machine immediately and will not be able to continue to operate, our numerical control woodworking machinery for spindle speed change to share with you! 1, in order to prevent from lathe for cylindrical bending left away after work cylinder from dangerous machinery, in order to reduce this risk is to change the belt groove slow down, and directly to the speed of the grinding speed. 2, in the use of machinery processing products, can according to the rotation of the main body status and to add and subtract the speed of the bearing and to add and subtract of feeding speed, this will not affect the normal processing of the lathe. 3, generally in the numerical control panel screen above will be suspend/power off memory function, sometimes are processed products suddenly loses power, call again when machine can directly start from a suspended power processing without repeating some of the processing steps before, this is because the repeat machine processing time due to center the fixed set of products that have been processed, leading to the deflection under this condition will cause damage to the lathe. The above is our numerical control woodworking machinery for the share of numerical control woodworking machinery spindle speed change reason! We must attach importance to the problem of numerical control woodworking lathe, and timely solve, more knowledge, pay attention to us!
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