Numerical control woodworking machinery safety technology operating rules

by:Gewinn     2020-04-11
Believe that everyone is know for numerical control woodworking machinery, there are many different kinds of numerical control woodworking machinery and provides a great help for the wood processing industry. Numerical control woodworking machinery safety operation is the most important in the process of work, so today we take the planing machine and band sawing machine for example to explain in detail. A, 1, planing machine, planing machine must have a safety protection device, otherwise it is prohibited to use. 2, plane should maintain a stable body and hands. According to the material plane bedding face, hand above; Small plane surface, not less than half of the expected high finger, and shall not be less than 3 cm. Hand push after material is prohibited. 3, planing amount shall not exceed 1 at a time. 5 mm. To maintain the uniform, feed speed through the strength should be light plane mouth, back above the planing tool material is prohibited. 4, plane thickness less than 1. 5 cm, length less than 30 cm timber, must use clamp or push rod, no advance with hands. 5, in knots, kung, if want to slow pushing speed, hands pushing on the knot is prohibited. Dig old nails, such as silt removal must be clean. 6, changing the blade should be a switch power or to remove the belt. 7, at the same table planer blade weight, thickness must be consistent, tool post, plywood must be identical. The blade weld beyond cutting head and cracked knives are not allowed to be used. Tighten screw blade, should be embedded within the bad, and from the knife back not less than 10 mm. Pressure planer ( Including plane, all three sides) 8, machine tool shall adopt unidirectional switch only, not by reversing two-way switch. 9, the material and the material are not allowed to wear gloves, and should stand at the side of the machine tool. Planing amount shall not exceed 5 mm at a time. 10, feed must be straight, found material go cross or stuck, should reduce downtime correct the mesa. When meet a knurl slow feed speed, feed the finger must leave roller 20 cm, material must work out of the table. 11, cutting short the length shall not be shorter than before and after the pressure roller distance; Thickness of less than 1 cm wood, must pad plate. Second, band saw, saw blade should be adjusted for 1, the first test run, sound normal article no string danger, can open saw. More than 1/6 of the width of the saw blade saw blade tooth flank crack, crack, 1/8 joint two missing teeth and joint more than three consecutive, are not allowed to be used. There is crack should be drilling cutting seam. 2, log on sports car should be adjusted the size before head. Saw old material should be inspected, clean nails, etc. 3, logs must be close to the car pile plate, no loose prise hook does not hang up. Operation when the hands and feet are not allowed to be stretched out on the edge of the sports car, in case of collision. 4, the operator can not get in the car, sports car did not stop banned under the wood. 5, before entering sawing should be accurate feet, into after sawing shall not change size. Into the sawing speed shoulds not be too hard, it is strictly prohibited in the operation adjustment saw clamp and clean up the broken material, bark, etc. 6, reversing shoulds not be too fast, and check out kung, if, knag, such as disorder, wood end more than 50 centimeters of saw blade, back again, in case of broken blade. 7, operating small band saw, goes on to cooperate with each other, don't shove yank. Hand should not enter the mesa, when feeding material in hand should not exceed curf. Cut materials, application of push rod feeding. Above is the safety technical operation of numerical control woodworking machinery, hope to be of service.
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