Numerical control woodworking machinery welding problems solution?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-26
With the development of science and technology, numerical control technology application in our life more and more now, mainly reflected in the woodworking machinery, it changes the mode of production of woodworking enterprises, improve the production efficiency and economic benefit. But it is a good equipment, there will inevitably problems in use process, small make up today to introduce numerical control woodworking machinery welding problem solutions. 1, the causes for the lack of fusion: input work: (too much energy method 1) Welding longer hours. ( 2) Use the power of aircraft. ( 3) Increase the air pressure value 2, CNC woodworking machinery welding excessive cause the energy of the incoming work method: (too much 1) Reduce the welding time. ( 2) Slow down the decline speed of upper die. ( 3) Reduce the pressure value. 3. Uneven weld reason 1: workpiece deformation method 1: ( 1) To examine whether workpiece size differences. ( 2) Examine the operating condition is caused by deformation of work piece. Reason 2: welding head, base, the contact surface of rough workpiece stick. Methods 2:1, power point, highly uniform. 2. Level adjusting screw. 3. Examine the operating conditions are indeed. 4. Examine the shape of workpiece size. Reason 3: the base support unstable method 3: ( 1) If necessary, improve strong point. ( 2) Base to redesign. ( 3) With hard base. Reason 4: workpiece method 4: (error is too big 1) Tighten the tolerance of workpiece. ( 2) To modify the size. ( 3) Examine the operating conditions. Above is the numerical control woodworking machinery welding problem solution, hope to be of service.
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