NX Nastran software solves the world's largest structural analysis problem

by:Gewinn     2022-06-02
Siemens PLM Software today announced that the company has achieved a computational breakthrough in implicit finite element analysis (FEA) technology. By using commodity hardware, the current version of NXNASTRAN software on the market enables 500 million-scale finite element analysis problems to be calculated 'overnight'. This analytical work is used to simulate the behavior of a monolithic aircraft wing structure in a flexural test. The resulting problem of 500 million calculations was solved in less than 18 hours, breaking the record set by SiemensPLM Software in February 2006, which was also solved by NXNASTRAN software in solving a similar problem created when. In contrast, the entire fuselage simulated using the shell element model requires approximately 100 million degrees of freedom to complete. Chuck Grindstaff, CTO of Siemens PLM Software, said: 'Our customers are manufacturing some of the most complex products in the world, and they require extremely detailed finite element models for extremely accurate simulations to ensure product quality and safety. Simulating a destructive airfoil Bending tests are an important part of the virtual product development process in aircraft manufacturing, and 18 hours of computing time allows customers to validate a solution overnight, ensuring their work runs smoothly and without interruption.” Siemens PLMSoftware Chief Numerical Analyst Dr Louis Komzsik added: 'Only a few years ago, a problem of this magnitude was considered an impossible task, both in terms of numerical accuracy and computational complexity. Today, we can confidently predict that solving a billion-calculation problem will be possible in the not too distant future. With the power that NXNASTRAN software has demonstrated in solving these problems, we can imagine that it will be equally fast Solve more typical analysis problems encountered on a daily basis in all walks of life.”
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