panel saws go a cut above: considered the workhorse of the production shop, horizontal and vertical panel saws continue to improve in their flexibility and range of capabilities.

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Selco EB 95 is designed for small batch production and can get horizontal panel saw from US bisce.
User features-
The friendly \"open SelcoInterface\" control software and the patented pouraticfast release system of Selco can quickly replace the blade.
The side alignment is integrated with the saw Holder to easily align the thin panel or flexible panel. (704)357-
3131, the Americas.
Com CIRCLE 120 Schelling America offers the new fh4 DUPLUS, which is for high-
Quick fh Series panel saw.
Fh4 will have all the traditional advantages of ofSchelling with its high
Speed Plus features and innovative new DUPLUS features.
The designs revolve around its evolved saw rack and are enhanced with unique add-ons such as speed, power, and accuracy, says Schelling. (919)544-0430, Xie Lin. Com circle 121 【:
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Slightly] Illustrations
Gibson\'s ZERO Active Drivebeam saw is a 2008 challenger Award winner with six patents from anenergy-
Save the drive system to an ergonomic mobile control unit.
The trademark \"zero\" was chosen to represent the design philosophy behind the \"zero active drive\" project, said Gigen. \"(770)448-9140, giben. Com circle 122 【:
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S. SCM Group said that Gabbiani Galaxy 3 single beam panel sawwood size single panel and panel package with fast cycle time with high throughput.
The machine is based on a modular FLEXCUT mobile unit system with a clamp that can be excluded separately, so it is possible to handle highly complex cutting patterns in a short period of time. (770)813-8818, scmgroup-usa.
Com 123 can be from Stell machinery, Holzma New Eco line is the company\'s new
The series panel saw of atligna is launched.
Press a button to turn the saw into an energy-
Save the \"sleep\" mode.
In this mode, the main saw and the marking saw are disconnected, the servo drive is disconnected, and the dust collection system is automatically deactivated. (704)861-8239;
Mechanical equipment. com CIRCLE124 [
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The Mayer PS9 front load panel saw of Delmac Machinery Group is designed for mid-to large-
Production of commercial and/or residential cabinets, store fixtures, closets or components.
Mayer PS9 with its unique saw rack guidance system, is suitable for single or book Cutting of broken board, medium fiber board, solid wood, laminated or veneer board, Keli and other materials(336)854-1211, delmac. com CIRCLE125 [
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Can settle saw from European woodworking machinery, single range
Shaft saw designed to cut fully automatic angle system: Wood, composite board, plastic, PCB, plaster, etc.
The turntable upstream of the Rip cutting saw enables the Anthon system to execute the orderand multiple-
The company said head cutting, as well as changing the order of cutting quickly and easily. 919-494-5197, ewmco. Com circle 126 【:
Slightly] IllustrationsHolz-
She introduced a new automated panel saw system for the lean manufacturing workshop.
The automated system provides complete inventory management of the panel and transfers it \"online\"
Demand for saw according to demand
Information from optimized software.
This automated workflow is suitable for small batches, just-in-
Holz-time manufacturingHer says. (704)587-3400,holzher. Com Circle 127 【:
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Silver Machine offers a new SBS series CNC panel saw featuring ahleigh
Speed saw rack, running up to 100 mpm, NC panel pusher driven up to 50 mpm by AC servo motor, and at 0-125mm (0-5 in. ).
The saw also has a speed of 50 mpm gripperunit, a master saw speed of 3,850 rpm and a rolling saw speed of 7 000 rpm. (888)354-
3388, silvermachineinc.
Com 128 vertical box store to solve F-45 Select.
There is a clear eye on the table --
Liquid Level controller with LCD screen that can store up to 20 programs, and electric rip fencecapable that can provide accuracy [+ or -]1/10mm 0. 004 in.
The machine is also equipped with Rapido lustrous scoring and motorized lifting and tilting of the main saw unit. (800)424-3232, stileshop. Com circle 129 【:
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Vertical panel saw]
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Hendrick says the new VSs 20
40 vertical panel saw function 6-ft-
Cross line and 12-ft-
Plus cutting capability plus separate blade for chipfree cutting. The auto-
Mobile material support grid and automatic
Insert the saw cut edge wedge to prevent binding, while the steel support roller simplifies material handling, and the center material support rack allows the operator to stand upright when cutting small parts. (978)741-
3600, hendrickmanufacturing. Com circle 130 【:
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A new touch screen programmable stop device that increases productivity and enables digital precision and repeatable cutting dedicated to the Striebig vertical panel saw.
This option allows the user to send the stop to the position entered on the touch screen color monitor or the dimensions previously saved.
Operators can also choose to open a cut list on the saw through the company\'s network or portable USB drive. (888)777-2729, csaw. Com circle 131 【:
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From Atlantic machinery, Putsch-
Meniconi UNIVER has a vertical panel saw-
Piece, welded steel frame with newestCE code included from
Brake motor, automatic motor shutdown and card lock of saw group when tearing.
Other features include electric mobile power grid, pop-
Upper rollers for loading and unloading panels and optional micro
Adjustable scoring device. (860)354-
Mach, Atlanta, 7200. Com circle 132 【:
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From the point of view of safe speed cutting, the 7400 board saw is designed for continuous production and close tolerance cutting with standard configuration of 3 ~ 220 V induction motor.
The saw carriage travels vertically on two heavy objects.
Double extrusion beam
Vee bearings for smooth cutting with a precision of 0. 005-in.
Straight and square.
Optional material scoring accessories are available. (800)772-
2327 safe speed drop
Com CIRCLE 133 tip: good tools and dust removal good tools and quality dust removal are two key components to keep the panel saw running.
Good tools and good
The documented grinding point schedule will help to maintain the cutting quality and reduce the possibility of pre-wear of damage to the end of the guide rail bearing inside the saw rack.
Don\'t grind your blade flat-
This will only increase the possibility of blade deflection, from where problems may occur.
Cleaning machines are less prone to failure than machines equipped with insufficient dust removal or poor daily maintenance in cleaning.
Keep the area under the saw compartment free from dust
A barrier was ensured.
Free path for travel by saw carriage.
With the establishment of dust
Up, the pruning of the fall needs to be cleaned up regularly.
Biesse America, Selco sales manager tip: A common question to improve productivity is: how to improve my panel saw productivity?
One of the easiest ways is to use stop.
There are usually several different options to choose from: The first method is to use a fast stop that consists of a metal extrusion embedded in the scale and an adjustable stop.
This type of system provides a simpleto-
The use of repeated cutting of any length.
The system also has an optional digital reading mounted on the stop block, increasing digital accuracy and repeatability.
The second method is to use the stop Rod gauge.
This is a multi-operating system in the production workshop.
It consists of a metal extrusion embedded in the scale and multiple flip stop devices.
This method can easily set a variety of stops on different lengths, thus eliminating the need for multiple measurements.
Tom Houska, sales and marketing manager.
Safe speed cutting tips: more cuts on the saw here is a question we often get: How do I get more cuts from the vertical saw?
Large stores looking for lean improvements have made vertical sewseven more efficient by purchasing an additional measuring channel and loading it with a flip block under their universal cut size.
They can draw a set of \"red\" stops for a kitchen and another set of \"green\" for a different kitchen \".
This makes the mass production of the vertical saw more feasible and helps with the lean philosophy, as the machine hardly needs to convert the set-up time, and there is little downtime.
Another way to improve saw efficiency is to add a programmable mobile stop that can download the cut pattern and then run a series of cuts in progress, the only operator involved is to press the button, propose the next cut and then run the cutting line of sawalong.
Dave Rakauskas, vice president of Colonial see TIP: developing a maintenance schedule is essential to ensure the maximum value and longevity of the panel saw.
We recommend the following maintenance schedule: * cleaning the inside of the machine and the slide frame (blow itoff)--
Daily * check if the belt is worn-
Monthly * Check blade quality--
* Check points per week
Roller and guide system-
Check brake wear every year--
Dolbow Chris odando product manager every year.
Stiles Shop Solutions tips: one of the most common problems with choosing a vertical or sliding saw is to buy a separate table saw or a vertical panel saw.
Although both machines have their own positionsto medium-
There are many factors to consider in big shops.
Vertical facing panel saws are the best when breaking down the plates, as they usually require only one operator.
They are faster than aslider;
There is very little ground space they occupy in the store, and the most accurate place is to provide clean chips
Free cutting of all materials, seamless cutting of solid surface materials.
When equipped with the right tools, they can also be used for V-
Slot and Bay several typesof materials.
The sliding table saw is a more versatile machine capable of oblique cutting (
Although some offer 45 [degrees]
The vertical panel of the bevel cutting is also seen)
, Oblique and composite oblique cutting.
The slider can also cut materials that are thicker than the vertical industry, up to 6-
Inches on some models, so they can be used for cross cutting and tearing solid wood beams and composites.
Personally, I have always thought that for a small-to medium-
Sizeshop, a combination of vertical saw and short travel (5-footto 6-foot)
The sliding table saw is the best solution to meet the cutting needs.
Riccardo Azzani, President, Atlantic Machinery
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