panel saws push forward: flexibility and new capabilities keep panel saws a workhorse in the plant.

by:Gewinn     2020-02-20
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The panel saw has been considered the main force of the wood plant and continues to improve its capabilities.
Wood and wood products give experts an interest in the changes and benefits of these production machines.
\"Small Batch, single piece flow\", customer orders and lean manufacturing are all factors that affect manufacturing technology and process considerations in today\'s environment, in which, we want to maximize flexibility and reduce inventory, said Andrew Jowett, key account manager of SCM GroupUSA.
\"In order to solve these factors, panel size and panel saw manufacturers have introduced high-
For just a few examples, speed saw carriages, smart pressure beams, moving fenders and optimized PLC programs.
Regardless of the complexity of cutting patterns and batch sizes, these elements enable panel saw users to maintain a high level of output.
Bill Pitt, vice president/general manager of Stiles machinery, said he believes that speed will continue to be an important factor in the development of panel saw.
\"The panel saw will be faster in the future, with more features built in to reduce idle time,\" he said . \".
Pitt added that \"turn off the lights\" technology is also a predictable development for the United States. S.
Like in Europe, the wood factory cuts without the presence of an operator.
\"Even in the smallest number of pre-load machines, every movement will be optimized.
Andreas Schwartz, executive vice president of Sherin America, said his customers are also looking for speed and ease of use, with all features fully automatic.
\"The movement of the saw rack is optimized to a point where there is no waste of time.
The pressure beam is mounted on the guide rail and is made of aluminum to reduce the quality, thus increasing the speed and precision.
\"All of the above measures cut the cycle time by almost half,\" Schwartz said . \".
In addition to Schwartz, others have pointed out how structural changes have helped optimize these machines.
According to Patrick Neville
Her regional manager, \"some of the unique features include a self-frame
Support and resist twisting with two longitudinal beams, one on each side.
Saw car, rack-and-
Driven by small gears, made of solid cast iron to reduce vibration and ensure the rigidity of the structure.
The saw Holder is supported by a beam on both sides of the cutting line and is electronically controlled and continuously variable, including a saw blade with a fast blade
Replace the locking device.
The linear hardened prism guide provides a powerful, quiet and accurate movement of the longitudinal and vertical movements of the saw Holder.
\"For smooth motion and accuracy, samelineal guide rails are used on the side alignment and putter assembly,\" Neville said . \".
Rob Rogers, Mayer product manager at Delmac Machinery Group, has come up with features that increase the productivity and flexibility of panel saws. \"[Having]a rack-and-
\"The pinion bracket and the pusher are able to accelerate and slow down to the maximum extent,\" he said . \".
Optimized motion reduces cycle time, bar codes reduces errors and secondary steps, and improves throughput and efficiency. \"Rogers adds.
RandyJamison of Se [North America] also mentioned the need to improve throughput
Product Manager of Mises, USA.
In the case of twins
Pusher technology, he said, \"is able to perform multiple functions at a time, allowing for additional loops within a given production cycle.
Flexibility is not sacrificed.
\"The nature of current production forces beam manufacturers to think outside the box and reconsider everything,\" said Mark Craig, North American sales manager at Gigen America . \".
He used the mobile gripper technology on the X-axis and y-axis as one of these developments.
\"This innovation addresses two major issues for most modern panel cutting applications: flexibility and productivity,\" Craig said . \".
\"As a typical [mobile wet technology] offers seven greater advantages in angle cutting systems
By allowing more complex and finer cutting patterns, processing multiple cross strips in one processing can overcome the imitation of standard angular plants.
The output gain can be easier, or even triple, than a similar fixed damping angle system.
\"Others have also noted the development of ancillary equipment to increase productivity.
\"The ergonomic handle, as well as the laser line and digital readings make the vertical face panel saw more user-friendly and effective,\" said Tom Houska of safe speed cutting . \".
\"The ability to exchange routers with saws for dado cutsand in less than a minute also eliminates the need for dado blades and improves the security of operations.
Chris Doblow, product manager at Stiles ShopSolutions altendsaws, said he expected \"to improve efficiency and continuity of production through automation of work units \".
He noted \"smart features that help customers improve efficiency and profitability\", including graphics
Locate the software in the user interface, which integrates the mathematical formulas required for various cutting applications, such as non-EQ, geometry, etc.
\"The technology simply requires the operator to provide the machine with variable dimensions and then automatically calculate the formula that provides all the required cutting angles and measurements.
The saw removed \"thinking\" from the equation, thus increasing the production time and continuous accuracy.
Size is important, even the entrance.
Dave Bull, Striebig product manager at Colonial see, said Horizontal machines are being affected.
\"One of the recent developments is moving in the direction of the auto-entry travel and return model --
To make smaller stores more efficient and make them easier to work without having to spend money in fullfeatured, top-of-the-
He added: \"The line saw automatically.
\"One of the key trends we see in this industry, especially in this more challenging and competitive era, is moving towards lean manufacturing,\" Bull continued . \".
\"Companies realize that they don\'t want or need to do what they really need just because they can buy the biggest and most complex machines.
They realize it\'s better to buy one. -
Or sometimes a few-
They can customize high-quality, reliable and flexible solutions based on their own applications, rather than larger single solutions
When the business slows down, dedicated machines that may be idle for too much time.
Rogers said: \"As the volume keeps getting smaller, the ability to tear and cross while maintaining high productivity levels becomes more and more important. Schwarz agrees.
\"Smaller batches will be the future for most of our customers, so fast, flexible and precise sawmilling will be more important than ever.
On top of that, it\'s important to have an answer to deal with internal organs, \"he said.
Neville also believes that increasing speed will continue to be an important factor in the development of panel saws.
\"The biggest problem is to exclude the delay from the equation.
Computer programs will save time in an intuitive way, adjust according to the size of the material being cut, and shorten the cycle as needed.
The speed of the saw car and the pusher will be faster.
The point will be to create ways to eliminate latency in any way.
\"Since the saw is faster, we also have to adjust the speed of material handling to keep up with the speed,\" Neville added . \".
\"The future will involve processing materials quickly and efficiently to reach the beam saw and moving the parts off the saw.
\"Also, as the board is used more and more frequently, loading the board in an automatic cycle can be a difficult process,\" said Craig.
\"Some of the challenges include material thickness inconsistency, board ups and downs, and the high amount of paper per book, which makes it difficult to process using a traditional push system.
As Craig explains, a new 2mm-pound paper loading system
Thick materials include the use of \"STLD\" wedges installed on mobile damps and inserted into the material stack, thus breaking the stack with the required amount of paper.
Craig said: \"Once the first wedge is inserted, the second wedge is inserted at the same point in the stack to ensure a correct, reliable count, and there is no chance of error input or different counts at one end of the stack.
Once engaged, the second holder/wedge and then, depending on the size of the material sheet, move yourself away from the first [
Y supports materials during forward loading motion.
Jowett said: \"The software improves the productivity of machine operation, optimization, and stack management software, and also addresses the labor and productivity issues that manufacturers face today.
\"They facilitate the processing of the hybrid feed stack, as well as the manual or automatic stacking of the hybrid part size on the stack and on customer orders.
Schwartz also noted another development in optimizing the software with the aim of utilizing 100% of the internal organs. \"We have developed optimization software to connect to the saw at any time.
Once the work is optimized, the Saw starts cutting.
Any internal organs generated are labeled and assigned a storage bin location.
At the same time, this piece of saw \"tell\" optimizer is now available.
The next run then tries to use the internal organs before using the full paper.
In this way, the output can reach 100%.
According to Craig, other developments in the software include solving a small number of optimized software packages, repeating the process while considering different parameter options.
We got a new job.
\"The split feature allows the user to split one job into multiple jobs to better match the features of a given machine,\" Craig said . \".
\"One example could be a very flexible mobile fixture machine and a higher Machine --
Produce an angle system that is expected to be compact.
In a given job, it is better for some patterns to be shipped at an angle, and others will benefit from the flexibility of the mobile fixture machine.
This allows the job to be divided into two jobs, each with a pattern that best suits each machine.
Doblow said he also saw improvements in slide table saw automation technology, including printer integration packages that allow customers to download cutting lists and print part labels from the saw.
\"This feature enables the saw to communicate with the production planning department because scanning the workpiece using a barcode reader makes it easy to read the cut sequence.
\"Doblow added that its operation is similar to the beam saw interface, allowing the software to move to position on each perforated cut on all four axes,\" walking \"the operator through the cutting sequence.
\"This leads to improvements, mistakes-
\"Automation is free,\" he said.
Pete added that there are many interesting forms of optimization through software.
\"If the customer is able to contact several jobs that require similar materials, rather than layoffs, it is possible to increase production,\" he said . \".
Label printing is essential to keep track, as well as label carts on rollers.
\"Color coding provides a way to identify parts very easily.
Up to 10 different colors can be used on Alabel, \"said Pete.
The touchscreen and dense graphics that eliminate written text are also important trends in panel saws.
\"Visual commands and graphics will speed up the process and eliminate the chance of oferror.
Error diagnosis becomes more detailed and provides immediate feedback.
If there is hiccups in the machine, the operator can check the screen to see what is wrong.
\"Larger monitors and tutorials will also help to avoid problems with poor communication,\" Pitt added.
\"As we enter a team of multilingual workers who may not have English as the first language, graphics are becoming more and more important.
Jamison added that the development of the software will continue, especially in terms of statistics and trouble shooting and maintenance. \" Visit www. redbookonline.
Com is the most comprehensive database of woodworking equipment and supplies in the industry, including cnc machining centers.
For more articles on the growing productivity series, please visit the online archive on www. iswonline.
Com for trouble shooting tips for safety and cutting quality reasons, please always keep the saw blade on the machine tool workbench as small as possible.
In addition, please try to reduce the pressure beam pressure if you encounter quality problems.
Better than too much.
Andreas Schwartz of Sherin America
The best preventative maintenance tips are to keep the saw clean, SCM Group Andrew Jowett, Ona checks and cleans the cutting area under the alltrims cutting line every day to avoid debris build-up and interference with the saw rack and service cables
One way to improve panel saw productivity with US trouble shooting tips is to use a block.
One method is to utilize a quick stop gauge consisting of metal extrusion and adjustable fenders embedded in the scale to achieve repeated cutting of any length.
Another way to produce the store is to use the stop bar gauge.
It consists of a metal extrusion with an embedded scale and multiple flip blocks, making it easy to set up various blocks of different lengths while eliminating multiple measurements.
Tom Houska, safe speed cutting trouble shooting tips manufacturers need to keep a set of blades that they know work perfectly.
If they are having problems, usually debris, they can best diagnose the problem by switching to a reliable blade without debris to see if the problem actually comes from another source.
Hortz-Patrick NevilleHer U. S.
Trouble shooting cutting-edge debris or poor cutting quality is a common complaint and usually has nothing to do with the machine.
The cause of the problem can come from one of four sources, which I call \"three MS and t\"-
People, materials, machines and tools.
Before you attack the most complex of the four, the machine first removes the other three issues and ensures that your materials are of good quality.
Never buy the cheapest thing.
If you have recently replaced the supplier and then the Shard has started, try changing a piece from a previous supplier to see if the results have changed.
Does the operator have experience with the machine?
If he\'s new to you or the machine, watch him do some exercise.
Is it obviously not correct what he is doing?
If so, make sure you remove it from the equation with some retraining.
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