Pay attention to lubrication of woodworking lathe work and the three use problem

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
With the rapid development of science and technology, I door machine tool technology is becoming more and more demanding, more and more strict, but we still want to do in the process of using and maintenance work, so as to ensure the service life and better job. Talk to you about so small make up today wood lathe in lubrication and specific in use process should pay attention to the three big problems of knowledge. A, the use of wood lathe work should pay attention to lubrication 1. Bearing lubrication of woodworking CNC lathe bearing lubrication has many benefits, such as can let the lathe has good oxidation resistance, and it is not easy to rust and abrasion resistance, etc. , so in the usual application of lubrication is necessary for this area. 2. Gear lubrication of gear lubrication on the lathe work need according to different gear position to decide to use different types of lubricating oil, for some of the larger gear you need to use the load gear oil containing anti-wear agent, when the usual maintenance work need to pay attention to this point. Second, use wood lathe must pay attention to the three questions: 1. Cutting speed, feed and cutting depth directly caused the damage. Along with the increase of cutting speed point temperature will rise, will produce mechanical, chemical, thermal wear. Cutting speed is greatly increased, the knives' service life will be reduced. 2. Feed conditions and behind the cutting tool wear in minimum range. Behind but feeding, cutting temperature rise, wear and tear. It is smaller than the influence of cutting speed on tool. The influence of cutting depth on cutting tools while there is no cutting speed and feed, tiny cutting deep, but in the hardening layer is cutting material, will also affect the service life of cutting tools. 3. According to users of processed material, hardness, cutting condition, material selection, feed and cutting depth etc. Use the cutting speed. The most suitable processing conditions of the selected on the basis of these factors is selected. Above is about attention to lubrication of woodworking lathe work and three major use of all knowledge, and hope that we can look after thinking it over carefully, in pay attention to the next time you're using more knowledge, can definitely help you wood lathe to produce the greatest efficiency.
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