Polishing equipment of polishing materials?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
Materials used for polishing machine polishing glass, metal, leather, semiconductor, plastics, precious stones, jade, stainless steel, etc. Such as glass polishing with iron oxide and tin oxide, aluminum oxide and cerium oxide, barium carbonate, chalk, powder mixture, such as clay, diatomaceous earth and water mixture mixed into suspension after use. Metal and plastic polishing with solid ointment. Nylon wheel is a kind of abrasives, widely used in golf clubs, ball head, surface treatment, metal casting surface deburring, building hardware, hinges, locks, and other areas of the polishing and polishing. Nylon products are mainly divided into combined grinding wheel ( FIG. 1) And coiling wheel ( FIG. 2) Two categories, the superposition type grinding wheel adopts nylon adhesive is made, which are coated with rubber drum ( Containing adhesive, abrasive, etc. ) And step by step in the oven curing. Finally, it is punching and cutting. Tighten the wheel coated with the same method, on the special tube core roll into a bar, bake for curing. Main material is cloth, used for grinding wheel machine. Wheel polishing cloth made of linen, cotton, non-woven, flannel, jeans, miscellaneous cloth, linen, nylon, and grinding wheel. They are used in all kinds of polishing tool.
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