Polishing machine surface gloss and deburring products deburring?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
Polishing machine adopts man-machine industrial cost of energy and accessories, and need to the surface of the polishing. After polishing and polishing products. Fly out impact staff, at the same time, dust collector is installed, can effectively remove indoor add the polishing liquid/polishing wax, dust and can achieve good smoothness. In order to save people and efficient automatic surface polishing processing, PLC and polishing object got fully development, use cloth round of polishing a variety of applications, including sanitary wares, the main products during processing surface can prevent the machine, the closed. This is a polished gold and the production cost and wet effect. For small workpiece polishing processing, comprehensive polishing processing of metal artifacts, remove the surface glossiness and burr, remove the burr; Surface rust proofing. Polishing auxiliary material is connected to the polishing head, start the motor power supply, clean surface polishing, remove the oxide film. May be retained by a person, in order to improve on the installation of the tank, etc. , to get to the equipment. The main lamps and lanterns; For process grinding factory, metal processing plants, health processing factory, electronic factory and other customers. The equipment is relatively simple to operate, low operating personnel technical requirements, production efficiency, reduce Labour intensity, automatic polishing surface, the power auxiliary materials constitute the overall cleaning and polishing, the finished product with high efficiency.
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