Power off memory function introduction of woodworking machinery CNC lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-05-18
Woodworking machinery CNC lathe is now commonly used in wood products processing professional machine tools in our life, because of its high efficiency and high precision characteristics is enjoyed by more and more people. Impermanence, in the process of the use of woodworking machinery CNC lathe, may meet all kinds of circumstance, you said, but now woodworking machinery CNC lathes have memory power is implemented, then below small make up to explain it in detail. In woodworking machinery in the process of numerical control lathe processing power to a sudden stop or manually after suspension, power from suspended starting machining and not repeat, because would be repeated processing as the center of the fixed not processed the deflection caused by the cylinder, the deflection condition before repeating the lathe machining process will cause the lathe cutting of cylinder was again before cutting, and defective goods. And woodworking machinery CNC lathe electricity can only memory function was solved this problem. Equipment control on direct configuration has a computer, very convenient can be directly out of the original file processing simulation pattern, implementing the call after to continue processing, without usb flash drive to pull to pull. Above is the woodworking machinery power off memory function of all contents of the numerical control lathe, welcome to continue to focus on our Ming xin wei woodworking machinery manufacturer's web site, know more about woodworking machinery CNC lathe to the latest information.
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