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by:Gewinn     2020-02-25
LUDHIANA: in order to check the dust generated by grain cleaning in the market, the Punjab Pollution Control Commission conducted a demonstration of the dust collector in Khanna, which is considered the largest grain market in Asia.
During the Rabi and Kharif seasons, machinery cleaners in the Punjab grain market clean up the grain and produce a lot of dust, adversely affecting labor, farmers, commission agents, shopkeepers and residents near the food market.
Such a high level of dust pollution can lead to health hazards, mainly leading to asthma, bronchitis, edema, cardiovascular disease, accelerated aging of the lungs, loss of lung capacity, said Kahan Singh panu, chairman of the PPCB, shorter life span, children\'s cognitive development is limited.
In October, the Commission collected environmental air samples from 10 major grain markets in Punjab and found that levels of inhaled particulate matter were at least 5-
8 times higher than the specified limit of 100 micrograms per male cube (µgm/m3).
The board of directors wrote a letter in this regard to the board of directors of secretary Mandy and Pang Jie.
The chairman of the PPCB said that the board considered this dust pollution as a threat and began efforts to combat it.
He added that after discussions with the farmers, shopkeepers and other stakeholders of the Commission\'s agents, the Commission developed a dust collector fixed on a mechanical grain cleaner and effectively controlled 80-
Dust particles of 90%.
About 50000 mechanical cleaners have been installed in the grain market in Punjab, each with 6 workers cleaning the grain together.
Thus, in addition to farmers, commission agents, shopkeepers and close residents, about 3 lac workers were affected by this dust pollution.
With this vacuum cleaner installed on a mechanical grain cleaner, about 90% of the dust is collected and filled in the bag to control air pollution in the punjabo grain market.
Today, we present dust collectors in the Khanna grain market, Asia\'s largest grain market.
He also said that in the upcoming wheat season, the board is forcing a dust collector to be installed on a mechanical grain cleaner in Punjab.
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