Precision CNC woodworking lathe is introduced

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Determines the efficiency and precision of numerical control woodworking lathe is good or bad, only the high efficiency and high precision numerical control woodworking lathe will be like by wood processing enterprises. So, someone will ask what is the precision of numerical control woodworking lathe? Small make up today is for everybody to introduce the geometry precision of numerical control woodworking lathe and movement accuracy. Geometric accuracy, the movement precision, transmission precision belongs to static precision geometric accuracy refers to the machine when not working parts between the position precision and the shape of the main parts of precision, position precision. The volumetric accuracy of machine tools has important influence on machining accuracy, so is the main index to evaluate the accuracy of machine tool. Refers to the movement precision machine tool in the working speed the geometry precision of main components during operation, the variation of geometric position, the greater the motion precision is lower. Refers to the various machine tool transmission chain transmission precision and uniformity of coordination between the end. Above is all geometric accuracy and motion precision of the numerical control woodworking lathe is introduced, hope to be of service.
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