Precision CNC woodworking machinery electronic material saw rail maintenance and guide rail lubrication requirements of lubricating oil

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Precision CNC woodworking machinery electronic material saw guide rail maintenance and guide rail lubrication requirements of lubricating oil, Shanghai rail lubrication requirement for lubricating oil 1, have good ability to prevent the crawling, so-called crawling, is in the process of slide guide movement, appear alternately instant adhesive instantaneous sliding phenomenon. The uniformity of slideway reduces the machine movement and position precision of parts. The causes of crawling while many, including guide rail lubrication is the main factors influencing the creep. Guide rail in a low-speed movement is in a state of boundary lubrication, oil film thickness is small, and guide the reverse when the oil film easy to damage. Especially when guide by static steering movement friction resistance is much bigger than after exercise. The friction coefficient of mutations, and reduced with the increase of the speed. And drive system has certain elasticity, Especially with air or mechanical parts in the hydraulic oil is more serious when the size is too long) Uneven, leading to the moving parts of movement, make time to go, stop, fast, slow. Between the workbench and external thrust if added a spring. When the thrust less than the static friction force of the workbench, as if only the compression spring. When the force is slightly greater than the static friction force, workbench is driving, so the cycle is created. 2, have good adhesion, in order to stay on the surface of the guide rail lubrication, must increase the adhesive lubricating oil, the oil in the guideway resting from being squeezed out. Especially large machine tools, column guide rail with adhesion and high oil viscosity, generally can be added to polymer solution. 3, wear resistance, in order to prolong the life of guide rail, must demand lubricating oil has good extreme pressure and antiwear performance. 4, good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, guide most of the lubrication oil supply system, lubricating oil is recycled, and some equipment guide without protective device, part of the guide rail exposed to air, rail oil often exposed to air, easy oxidation, at the same time, most of the guide rail is using iron, easy to rust. Lubricating oil is therefore required with antioxidant and anti-rust capability. ¥ 1000. 00 Shanghai precision cutting machine, precision guide saw wood, Shanghai woodworking cutting board. 。 。 ¥ 1000. 00 anhui soft bag leather laminating machine nanjing PVC sheet laminating machine in hebei province. 。 。 ¥ 1000. 00 near real wood door plank stainless steel aluminum lines drawing derusting machine electric liters. 。 。 ¥ 1000. 00 HaiRong Ann sticker on the machine cabinet door, decorative materials sticker/PVC prices
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