Precision cutting board saw

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
As man-made board in board type furniture manufacturing, the application of building renovation, and other industries, the traditional general circular saw machine whether the machining accuracy, or the production efficiency, etc have already can't satisfy the needs of its processing technology. Therefore, all kinds of specialized for sheet cutting circular saw a woodworking cutting board saw gained rapid development. From low-productivity feed by hand or mechanical feed saw, small and medium-sized to productivity and high degree of automation with digital process controller or computer optimization and automatic loading mechanism of all kinds of large combined vertical and horizontal sawing plate system, are decorated in the furniture manufacturing, construction, transport manufacturing and other industries have a large number of applications. Saw to precision for plywood, particle board, fiber board, laminated board, laminated board, joinery board, joining together solid board, plastic board and so on carries on the buttock and cross-sectional or into Angle cutting processing, in order to obtain dimension conform to the specifications of the board, at the same time can also be used for all kinds of insulation board, thin aluminum sheet and aluminum sawing. Precision push Taiwan saw the conventional size is 2. 8 m, 3 m, 3. 2 m, 3. 8 m. Precision push Taiwan saw is usually divided into cylindrical guide and linear guide rail, the cylindrical guide is a bit mesa sliding smoother, more is not easy deformation and damage.
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