Precision cutting board saw all applicable knowledge

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Wood sawing equipment can be used for a variety of man-made board, such as plywood, fiberboard, plywood and solid board, plastic board, aluminum alloy material, widely used in the wooden furniture industries, such as panel furniture industry and vehicle and ship manufacturing. It belongs to general equipment, woodworking machinery market demand relatively large. So how do you do, and what you need to know in the process of operation. Below small make up will let everybody understand the wood sawing equipment operation steps and matters needing attention. 1. Start to check the power switch, the pressure is reached 0. 7 ~ 0. 8MPa。 2. After return to zero, by using the Angle tester ( Cutting 100 mm) 。 3. Read order, calculated according to the number of plate cutting instructions, then enter the computer waiting for the next step. 4. Put the plate on the driver and adjust the gear size. 5. Adjusted to board the hardness and thickness of the cutting speed, and at a constant speed drive manipulator. 6. When the plate is about 150 mm, the receiver began to pick up with the hand, keep the plate translation, until the end of the material. 7. In cutting process, you must first cut chunk, and then with a small Angle cutting small pieces, to ensure that the cutting rate of optimization. 8. For each type of plate, the need for introspection for the first time, to see, the width and the length of the diagonal is in line with the quality requirements, and whether adjacent sides maintain 90 & deg; 。 ( A simple judgment method: parts of the synchronization, the one in contrast to the next block) 9. Should be according to the need to cut the sheet on turn over the car, and through the EPE cushion should be a separate sheet. According to the requirement of the same type product placement, pay attention to the corner of the protection. 10. In the plate in the process of transportation, motor closed to save power and improve the service life of the motor. 11. At the end of the operation, cut off the power to remove the dust on the machine, and clean up the rest of the material. Note: 1, before the start of check the power switch, air pressure, large, replacing small blade, must tighten nut after replacement of saw blade. Before the formal cutting using waste saw check parallel large and small blade. 2, after receiving the production specifications, made his first budget material, and immediately report any abnormal situation. 3, should be in casing cutting all kinds of plates, to improve the utilization rate of plate. More than 60 mm plate cannot be discarded. After 4, change a new blade, should timely adjust the data, in order to avoid machining error ( Saw blade thickness and the installation of forward and reverse) 。 5, has been cutting products should be placed according to the categories. Requirements of different kinds of steel plate shall be marked clearly, shall not be arbitrarily cutting and influence. 6, replace the saw blade, please pay attention to the direction of the saw blade and the thickness. Be sure to shut off the power during the process of change. 7, open the small material ( Less than 100 mm) , cannot push material directly with the hand, press the wood to push forward. 8, close the machine power supply after work, clean the machine and work area. 9, must fill in the name of the finished parts information, and carefully fill in the production process card information. 10, bottom were placed on the thickness, color, in order to reuse.
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