Precision cutting board saw five reasons has become more and more popular

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
1, without manual input, the machine automatically command, saw before modification to eliminate error precision of artificial cutting process obviously received workers quality, working attitude and state the influence of uncertainty factors, such as the high error rate, caused great waste; After modification, the entire computer automatic command process to get rid of the dependence on workers' subjective, greatly improving the machining accuracy, reduces the error rate. 2, without professional host hand, reduce the manpower cost saw reconstruction precision material for artificial calculation, instruction of input before open, such as the key link, without skilled host hand, you need to pay 4000 yuan of host a hand salary each month; After cutting the key link to realize computer automation, cutting process becomes simple and convenient, a monthly salary of 1500 yuan of ordinary work can be up to host the hand work. 3, combining actual application, low cost fast horse on the basis of fully considering the factory actual situation, through the special numerical control interface, to realize the seamless connection of computer and electronic cutting saw, will be used to change the backward manual cutting methods for machine automatic command operation, simple rapid transformation process. Just lower transformation cost and can fully transform your factory cutting process, enjoy the high-tech bring high benefit. 4, fine material, to maximize the raw materials before saw reconstruction precision due to the cutting quantity, size depend entirely on the human brain, think the error is difficult to avoid, cutting plan or more depending on the degree of skilled workers, professional level, often can not get full use of raw materials, the produced a large number of expected, and workers are rarely recycled more than expected, causing great waste; After discharging scheme by computer calculation, achieve the best discharge plate, the late using bar code technology to the remaining material tracking management, material for the next time the priority of the last remaining material calculation, the utilization rate of raw materials significantly improve. 5, full automatic operation, the processing efficiency greatly improve precision cutting board saw the manual operation before the need to compute complex layout scheme, and the open data and open material repeatedly command input, requires a lot of time, work efficiency is low; After modification, realize the seamless connection of computer and electronic cutting saw, through the intelligent control software, the discharging plan directly generated by the software, directly to the electronic saw cutting parameters, the production efficiency will be revolutionary.
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