Precision guide saw, saw plank critical edge precision solution

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Precision guide saw saw wood saw, precision cutting, precision, precision cutting saw, carpentry saw, reciprocating saws, CNC nc reciprocating saws, often occurs in the use of plate boundary condition, in the years after practice, summarized the following solutions: 1, the above critical side a. The main saw blade is too dull, saw little b. The main plank too little c higher than that of saw blade. Plank poor quality, blunt saw blade d soon. To replace the saw blade e. Rise in the main saw blade f. With less impurity, high quality plate 2, appeared the following critical edge ( The plank after saw) 一个。 Deputy saw blade is too dull b. Deputy saw width is not enough, is too narrow c. Lord, vice center line of the saw blade is not coincidence d. To replace the saw blade e. F in saw blade or increase the blade thickness. Readjust vice saw about position 3, traces of burning ( After sawing plate) 一个。 Saw blade is too dull, too much on the saw blade serrate b. C too high or feed speed is very slow. Replace the saw blade, select the appropriate blade d. Select the appropriate speed and feed speed 4, at the top of the artifacts were deputy saw sawing up the phenomenon of a. Deputy saw blade is too dull b. Deputy saw blade rises too high c. Replace the saw blade d. Appropriate to reduce pair of saw blade height
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