Preparing for Industry 4.0: South Korea plans to increase Ru0026D investment in emerging industries

by:Gewinn     2022-05-25
According to South Korean media reports, the '2016 Work Promotion Plan' announced by the Ministry of Future Creation Science of South Korea on the 27th shows that the South Korean government will increase support for the research and development of strategic emerging industries such as biology, low-carbon, and unmanned driving. According to the report, the South Korean government plans to focus on the development of key fields such as biomedicine and medical equipment that can realize large-scale technology exports, and activate the 'bio-creation economy' in a virtuous circle of technology, talents and capital. The Korean government will provide one-stop support for Ru0026D, investment attraction, approval, and export for companies participating in the two core projects of 'Global Advanced Biomedical Technology Development Project' and 'New Market Creation of Next-Generation Medical Device Development Project' to strengthen new Biomedical technology development and productization, research and development of original technologies in strategic fields such as medical devices with high growth potential, and training of biological professional investment talents. According to the report, at present, the Korean government is promoting relevant plans to build technological innovation industries and low-carbon industries that deal with climate change into new power industries for economic growth, develop a low-carbon environmental protection commercialization model, and strive to achieve 17 million tons of greenhouses by 2030. Gas emission reduction targets. It will also invest 15 billion won (about 82 million yuan) to enhance the technological competitiveness of the driverless industry as soon as possible. In addition, the Korean government will actively promote international exchanges and cooperation in the fields of innovation and science and technology.
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