Press up and down manipulator equipment better future achievements

by:Gewinn     2020-04-11
Punch and manipulator a punch with feeding pick-up device, belongs to the metal & # 8203; ‌ ‌ Processing technology. The technical scheme is that the device including lifting device, the constituents of the rodless cylinder and pick-up arm, connecting rod, feed arm, set two lifting device, described their symmetry on both sides of the fixed on the workbench; Rodless cylinder located above the workbench, described its both ends respectively fixed on the top of the lifting device of two piston rod; Described in the connecting rod is parallel to the rodless cylinder, including the activities of the department and rodless cylinder plug fixed edge; Described in the pick-up arm and feed arm level fixed in the connecting rod ends, they with connecting rod vertically and is located in the same side, at the pick-up arm and eliminating of feeding arm end are set have corresponding to the stamping die on the workpiece disc electromagnet or vacuum suction cups. The utility model has simple structure, low cost, and realize the automation of the artifacts and sheet metal, greatly improving the efficiency of the press, reduce the labor intensity of workers and the risk of operation. Want to know more information please welcome to http://www. gmrcsk。 com
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