Press up and down manipulator promoted the social progress and development

by:Gewinn     2020-04-07
Loading manipulator mainly realize fully automated machine manufacturing process, and used the integrated processing technology, is suitable for the production line of up-down material, workpiece flip turn, artifacts, sequence, etc. In domestic mechanical processing, but now many are using plane or artificial machine loading way, the product is unitary, the capacity is not high circumstance is very suitable, but with the progress and development of the society, the increasing progress of science and technology, product upgrading faster, using plane or artificial machine loading has exposed many deficiencies and weaknesses, on the one hand, the special covers an area of large complicated structure, maintenance inconvenience, is not conducive to automated assembly line production; On the other hand, it is flexible enough to adapt to the change of speed increasingly, unfavorable to the adjustment of product structure; Second, users of the result in an increase in the intensity of labor union, prone to inductrial injury accident, the efficiency is low, and the use of artificial material up and down of the stability of product quality is not enough, can't meet the needs of mass production. Want to learn more punch manipulator information up and down, please welcome to http://www. gmrcsk。 com
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