Press up and down the purpose and function of the manipulator

by:Gewinn     2020-03-31
Press up and down the purpose and function of the manipulator, the company independent research and development of the introduction of Germany advanced technology of the series manipulator is mainly used for forging, casting, heat treatment and other industries, implementation artifacts in the high temperature, heavy environment of automatic transmission and accurate positioning. In order to reduce the workers labor intensity or implement all unmanned production. Product performance and product characteristic parameters: the five patents, with high technical content; Designed for forging production line, can and heating furnace, pressure units into forging production line; Can realize three kinds of manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation mode, also can be a single manual operation; Through the structure optimization design, action quick, reliable in performance. More punch manipulator manufacturers, punch and manipulator, the content such as punch manipulator on WWW. gmrcsk。 Com, we wholeheartedly for your service.
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