Processing wood appeared a lot of error to find problems from?

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
There are a lot of materials used in woodworking lathe processing when the phenomenon of error, this problem is serious, if light can be a little bit of repair, if serious word can produce a lot of waste. But when things like this hair, in addition to make up for some mistakes, the main is to find the main reasons for the problems. Wood error of biggest problem should from where to find? Small make up to you to introduce this problem the main solution. Machining errors mainly includes artifacts local size error and processed workpiece size error is big. Small make up today to share is wood lathe processing and the analysis of the causes of error. Artifacts local size error big wood lathe processing artifacts appear this kind of circumstance, mainly silk caused by large clearance between mother and screw. Because the wire mother and screw in a certain period of operation for a long time, make the segment gap increases. At the start of the program, in the determination of lead screw clearance by a compensation to the program, but in wear can compensate, so that local size out-of-tolerance artifacts. The solution is to repair or replace the screw. Processed workpiece size error is very big fault one possibility is that the connection is loose, screw or silk mother and lathe empty when no turning resistance, slip board running normally, when the processing because of the cutting resistance increase, screw loose or wire junction between the mother and the lathe, machining dimension drift. Fastening parts, failure can be removed. Another possibility is electric tool post. If after change knife rest cannot lock automatically, when cutting tool deviation processing centers, also causes the above phenomenon. Then check the tool carrier locking device and tool post control box. From the above several kinds of methods can find some problems appeared in the processing of wood, with the more knowledge we will be given on the website. Want to know more about wood lathe knowledge to check our website.
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