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by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
Professional CNC brown tenon vendors would - Woodworking machinery factory product - 项- HTML: woodworking machinery processing factory focused on woodworking machinery industry for more than ten years, looking for a professional CNC brown tenon vendors would seek the woodworking machinery factory of dongguan. CNC brown tenon machine is mainly used in furniture industry, applicable products: cabinets, wardrobe, photo frame, picture frame, desktop, doors and Windows, other products need degree of stitching, classical annatto furniture, new Chinese style, and other fields and so on all need to use CNC brown tenon machine. CNC brown tenon machining material: suitable for PVC coating line, mahogany, solid wood, solid wood, bamboo and other materials that stick a skin. Numerical control brown tenon machine equipment characteristics: a new Angle, degree of finish for tenons, mortise and all kinds of solid wood tenon, which integrates automation equipment. CNC brown tenon machine mainly used for wood furniture is irregular mortise and various specifications of the hole, the double location on circulation and processing, convenient operation and strong practicability, especially for different shapes mortise, small spacing between workpiece machining of high efficiency, high precision, non-stop circulating feeding slot milling processing. Dongguan woodworking machinery processing factory direct sale, but also to sample custom; Our company sell like hot cakes recommended woodworking machinery nc HF - see tenon machine CNCB star, is popular with the masses of customers favor. Dongguan CNC brown tenon vendors would seek woodworking machinery processing factory, welcome the masses of customer calls to discuss cooperation.
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