Professor Weber, the father of German solid-state lasers, visits Han's Laser

by:Gewinn     2022-05-22
From November 10th to 11th, 2009, Prof. Dr. Horst Weber, the father of German solid-state lasers, came to Han's Laser for a two-day visit, and had a technical exchange with Dr. Lv Qitao, Chief Technology Officer of Han's Laser. Professor Weber visited the ultra-clean laboratory and production workshop of Han's Laser under the leadership of Dr. Lv. He was shocked by the achievements of Han's Laser in just 13 years. Professor Weber said that with the existing development of Han's Laser Speed, I believe that five years later can become a strong competitor of European and American laser companies. At the invitation of Han's Laser, Prof. Weber gave a professional lecture titled 'High Power Solid State Laser' to the laser Ru0026D engineers of Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd. on November 11, and answered the questions of the company's Ru0026D engineers on the spot. Before the end of the lecture, Prof. Weber made several suggestions to young engineers: first, work hard; in addition, laser Ru0026D engineers should not only have good optical knowledge, but also know precision mechanics and electrical knowledge; when developing industrial products, they should be more Pay attention to some details, and don't rush for success, you must have a persistent research spirit.
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