Profiled polishing vendors would talk about alien polishing machine

by:Gewinn     2020-06-20
Abnormity of polishing machine operation, the key is to try to get the maximum polishing rate in order to get rid of the harm of polished occurs when layer promptly. Together will make polishing layer damage will not affect the observed organization, after all, that is not a false. Using coarser abrasives, the former supplications to assure to larger rate of polishing to remove the harm of polishing layer, but the polishing damage layer is deeper; Which appealed to use the finest materials, making polishing harm shallow layer, but the polishing rate is low. The best way to deal with the hostile is the polishing is divided into two periods. Rough cast is intended to remove the grinding damage layer, this period should have maximum rate of polishing, rough cast consisting of surface damage of right and wrong, it is necessary to consider, but also should be as small as possible; The second is the essence behind ( Or eventually throw) , the intention is to remove the rough cast surface hazard, the polishing harm to a minimum. Profiled polishing machine contrast brief operation, operators need to polishing objects placed on the corresponding jig in advance. Fix the fixture on special polishing machine worktable. Suggest special polishing machine, special-shaped polishing machine polishing work within the set time is over, automatic connection, from the workstation to unload objects. Abnormity before polishing machine polishing, it is necessary to adjust the polishing head and the distance of workbench face. To reach the best effect of touch, throw the best effect. Polishing wax can be used in the process of the manual, in order to reduce machine manufacturing capital. End special polishing machine, automatic surface polishing treatment, suitable for small artifacts, metal workpiece automatic polishing surface glossiness and remove burrs. Can be use more than one operator device. First to handicraft factory, hardware factory, sanitary ware factory, electron factory and other client groups. Such equipment operation relatively brief, skills of operators pleaded with low, feasible to produce power, reduce the labor intensity, saving production capital, advancing the quality of the products, reduce product quality difference. What is a special polishing machine? Special polishing machine compared to traditional manual polishing machine and have what advantage? Why is polishing machine equipment of automation in the future is the future metal polishing industry in the future? Her new machinery specialized in polishing factory house to talk about. Special polishing machine is made up of the chassis base, polishing head, workbench, protective cover/cap, hydraulic system, electric control system, such as for fixture root element in their base form. General workbench is 600 mm. In the 600 - length 2500 mm. Special polishing machine is on the basis of general polishing machine to improve the vision, suitable for big value contrast factory use. Traditional workers, there is a certain limitation of polishing profiled polishing machine in grinding time has a certain advantage. 1. Workers work time: 8 hours a day, work overtime 2 hours, a total of 10 hours ( Pay money, electricity) Special polishing machine: 24 hours a day do not have ( Only electricity) General workers pay to be dollars a month, polishing, grinding, spraying type of work remuneration in 8000 to 10000 yuan, a robot can replace class two himself, two shifts can actually instead of 4 yourself, a it can back to this for two years. And on the using status of the European countries, a robot life can reach more than 20 years. 2. Way workers: polishing wheel fixed rotation, hands holding a workpiece grinding, each workpiece grinding effects are not the same, and cause many artifacts are unqualified, and the heaviest if every myself every time can only grinding an artifact! Profiled polishing machine, grinding wheel fixed rotation, a contorts the polishing, two artifacts synchronized burnish, can set the grinding time, severe control external factors are the same almost every workpiece, workpiece grinding, high pass rate. 3. Worker: grinding Angle to chamfering grinding, especially bearing is encountered only by manual tuning Angle reading has a counter, but also can't accurate to how many degrees, as for the CV not how can the chamfering grinding, so that qualified rate is low, the loss is high. Special polishing machine: vertical 0 & deg; - - - - - - 45° The infinite adjustable Angle grinding, multi-usage, more provincial capital contribution. 4. Loss of workers: workpiece grinding time control is not stable, each its own grinding methods are not identical, the wastage of the grinding wheel is fast. Special polishing machine: standard equipment & largest phi; 120 * 180 mm, both external factors can set fewer replacement, small material attrition rate.
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