profiling moulder productivity.

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Mold manufacturers provide useful advice for tool room technicians and mold operators.
Across the country, many mold operators spend more time understanding what is needed to make tools, and more tool room operators spend more time understanding how the molds work. Call itcross-
Training, but in many woodworking operations, the boundaries between the mold operator and the tool room staff are slowly disappearing because of the lack of skilled help, or because a company wants to expand the responsibility of the staff to let them
An efficient mold/tool room team of employees who know the whole operation can reduce the set-
Increasing time and productivity, especially as short-term production continues to be the norm.
\"When I first started working as a mold operator, I knew very little about making knives in the tool room,\" said Bob mullaida, a star styling Foreman at Bedford.
Custom mold manufacturer.
But that changed.
In today\'s mold operation, the operator cannot only operate the mold, and the tool room technician cannot only manufacture the tool.
It is important for both teams to understand the work knowledge of each other\'s departments so that they can quickly design and produce knives to help reduce the setuptimes.
\"Therefore, when purchasing new molding equipment, the skills and comfort of the machine operator and the staff of the tool room must be taken into account.
Both parties must be able to master the correct operation of the equipment, necessary adjustments and requirements.
Wood and Wood Products asked several machinery manufacturers what technologies could be used to help both parties achieve these goals.
We found that matching the processing and feeding speed requirements increased
Improving precision and cutting head technology are several areas that help the company achieve its production goals.
Setting production targets in addition to the accuracy of the machine and the ability to provide rapid conversion, the feed rate is an important consideration when purchasing the molding equipment.
The three popular options are the connected mold, single knife mold and the planing machine mold.
While the general concept of wood for these different types of molding machines is similar, their productivity and the ability to perform specific molding functions vary greatly.
For companies looking for molds with high feeding speeds, joint molds are often considered a popular option.
However, they account for only a small part of the moldy market.
\"Companies like Georgia use these molds
Pacific andfloating company needs a fully formed copy machine, producceup 35,000 feet
\"Hour shift,\" said TimSermonet, mold sales engineer at SCMI. These high-
According to Sermonet, the speed machine does have some drawbacks.
In addition to being more expensive, the joint machine will need more time to make setup changes and the operator will be required to provide a higher level of skill.
\"Machines connected by water and electricity
Need to use high matching lock
\"The pressure grease gun,\" Sermonet said . \".
\"The result is that all the knives are on the same cutting ring so you can run at a higher feed rate.
Single though
The cost of the die machine is not as high as jointedmoulers, and they can still provide attractive profiles, feed speeds, quick setup and easy operation.
\"Depending on the type of wood being formed, the single Knife machine can run well at 35 feet per minute,\" Sermonet said . \". \"In a seven-
The hour shift can be translated into 14,000 feet.
\"The difference between the planters is that they do not provide any profiling capabilities.
The only operation of the machine is the four-sided surface (S4S).
\"These machines provide two kinds of feed speeds,\" Sermonet said . \".
\"The slow feed speed of about 19 feet per minute provides more knife marks per inch for finer finishes, while the higher setting of about 38 feet per minute provides higher productivity. \"Electronic-
In addition to having a well, it also helped setupsIn
Trained staff in the mold/tool room department, the operation cannot be produced and profitable if itsmoulder is not running.
However, electronic digital readings are used without computers and CNC (
Computer numerical control)
The control helps to install the mold more easily, efficiently and cost-effectively, and to improve accuracy.
The electronic digital reading provides convenience and efficiency in the machine settings without the additional cost of CNC control.
This makes the machine more affordable and easier to learn to operate.
\"Five years ago, a skilled set of workers took 25 to 35 minutes to replace the cutter head and make the right adjustments to the machine,\" Sermonet said . \".
\"Today, with the help of electronic and mechanical digital readings, our machine conversion time is not only three or four minutes, but it is no longer necessary to run the sample parts in the machine to check the accuracy.
\"The CNC worth a look removes speculation from the mold settings, which is a major goal for companies that can afford the extra cost of CNC
With the addition of CNC, many mold manufacturers have greatly reduced the time required between profile changes, can meet strict tolerance requirements and provide production information.
\"Computers eliminate human errors and do what they should do,\" said Bob Meadows, consultant for woodworking machinery . \". \"The CNC-
The controlled die-cutting machine can also eliminate the operation of the waste through the machine to obtain the correct measurement results.
You just punch holes in the next profile and the Machine will automatically adjust to the next setting, \"he added.
In addition to adjusting to the next required position, the mold with cnc control is able to provide more information to the operator.
Therefore, machines can produce important information as a method of production management.
Gary Fredriksson said: \"Some moldy computers can track the work that is running, how many board feet are being produced, and even who is operating the machine, and when they are resting, sales and marketing director of Deere machinery.
These computers can even help find production.
Related issues
A computer on one of our clients machines helps us determine whether it\'s waiting for fresh material or picking up finished parts, the mold loses an average of 11 minutes per hour.
\"The faster knife head replacement many of the knife heads available today have many gib screws that hold the knife in the knife head, which Yates has promoted for the first time --
1940 of the United States.
An alternative system recently developed by Michael Weinig Inc.
Single function-
Wire knife clamping system (Centrolock).
Jon Morris, marketing manager at Michael Weinig Inc. , said: \"The central lock tool eliminates the many screws needed to lock the cutter on the cutter head . \"
\"The center lock tool requires only one screw to clip the knife into the knife head.
A lot of time is saved due to the elimination of many additional screws.
Fredricksonsaid said: \"But the screw clamping device is not suitable for everyone.
\"If you run 4-
4-inch profile on
\"They have always been good,\" he said . \".
\"But if you\'re running a 2-
4-inch profile on
Inch knife head, you have to fill the other 2 inch with tool steel.
Multiple gib spiral knife heads do not need to fill the gap. \"Another trade-
According to Fredrickson, this should be taken into account when using a single gallows, which is an additional cost and saves a lot of time.
He said that the cost of the center lock knife head may be 30% more than the multiple gib screw knife heads, but he added that saving time can cover additional costs depending on the frequency of the knife head replacement
One goal to meet the future mold design is to increase the symbiotic relationship between the mold operator and the tool room technician for quick replacement.
The new cutting technology, computer systems and safety mechanisms are several areas of future mold technology trends mentioned by mechanical manufacturers.
\"Programming the mold is easy so it can be set up quickly for the next job, but if you don\'t have a knife you won\'t be able to run the job,\" Fredrickson said . \".
\"It is a very time-consuming process to accurately place the knife on the knife head.
In the future, we may see tools and grinding operations that do not require a template, just using a computer of the right size to cut the tool.
\"Computer integration is expanding due to the low efficiency, precision and production costs of the molding equipment.
The key is for manufacturers to design computer systems so that machine operators and tool room engineers are not intimidated by them.
\"Communication between machines and computers will definitely increase,\" said Meadows . \". \"User-
Friendly Computers are necessary because it is increasingly difficult to find skilled workers to operate the machine.
Here is a review of some molding equipment.
For more information, please circle the corresponding numbers on the reader service card.
For a more comprehensive overview of the mold equipment market, please refer to the Red Book annual buyer Specification Guide.
According to the company, Wadkin\'s XE220 mold provides a feed rate of up to 60 fpm, enabling fast throughput and high quality processing.
Other features include cast-
The iron body, the radial chip breaker installed on the top and nearby side spindle, eliminates the setting of the chip breaker and completely interlocks the safety cover with the large window.
Computer positioning system (CPS)
It is reported that the products provided on the 400 and 600 series molds of diehlmachines ensure the first piece accuracy, the installation time is increased by 75%, and the ability-
Line and network functions with office terminals or CAD terminals.
The Superset 23 bed/die bed for SCMI is designed for profiling and finishing applications.
The machine provides two top horizontal heads, power table rollers and heavy-duty-
Feeding System on duty
Custom functions such as Groove tables for processing short pieces and general heads are available. The CAS (
Computer-assisted settings
A system developed by Michael wegginginc.
Combine a fully computerized mold system with mechanical digital tool setup to provide quick CNC setup and improved organizational benefits.
The computer directly linked to the toolroom stores all the information needed to complete the profile settings, including: Tool list, measured tool size, tool layout details, and required profile size.
Kuwahara computerized mold from Tekmatex
Up to 10 spindles can be provided, all of which are automatically positioned at the same time.
The company says more than 20 patterns can be saved in memory, and the machine has a leveling device that eliminates distortion in the workpiece.
Iida moulers from Prut machinery
Range from four-head totwelve-head machines.
According to the company, the feed rate can be as high as 400 fpm or higher.
The model M222CII-
Computer control, safety and sound case with eight heads.
Computerizedsetup has the ability to store setup parameters for a large number of modes.
Auburn macheryinc offers three complete mold sets
It can produce products from small molding to large shaped wood.
To maximize efficiency, a wide range of module options are available, including pre-
Planing, deep imitation spindle, tilt spindle, straight arb, gang and optimized tearing, computer setup, etc.
Martin T90 four-
Double sided planing bed for Eric Riebling Co. Inc.
There is an electronic controller for pre-
Select size to store up to 110 workpiece sizes.
The maximum planing width is 260mm and the maximum height is 160mm, and the variable feed speed can be changed from 13 to 82 fpm.
Additional features include disposable Tersa cutter, pneumatic hold-
Automatic Table lubrication, sound insulation and central dust collection hook-up.
It can be retrofitted with up to three additional molding units.
Griggio Model G 230/5 straight-through-
The feed molding machine from Atlantic machinery has four heads plus a fifth to enhance flexibility.
Each head has a 9-
Hp motor with overload protection and Magnetic starter.
Features include manual lubrication, a feed roller with a transmission in the first spindle, a pressure roller for short pieces, and a tool installed on the first and second spindles.
SP series planters/molds from Mida-U. S. A. Inc.
Can be used as heavy-
Heavy-duty rough milling machine, cabinet planing machine or large mold that can accommodate up to 8 people. to 28 in.
Spiral hard alloy head for rough planing, six-
It is possible to use the tool standard planing head for fine machining or special die head for contour machining.
The rated feed speed is 25 to 185fpm.
276 R series molds from Mattison woodworking machinery.
With variable hydraulic roller feed, single variable rotary feed, electronic solid state spindle control and digital reading.
Including BMW-Witkey machinery-
314 planing bed; the BW-462M four-sided, four-
Spindle with 6 in molding capacity. by 2 1/4 in.
Four with model BW562Msided,five-
Spindle mold with 6 in molding capacity. by 2 1/4 in. Heavycast-
The structure of the iron and the variable feed control and the variable feed are the features. Conformed hold-
Squeeze shoes from precision patterns, templates and shoes companies
Reduced end Snipes, chatter marks and cereal tears are reported
50% or more.
The price of feed will also increase by 25%.
Related article: at the request of January, note that MARKSafer molding equipment should become more common in this country.
1995, all European woodworking machinery sold in this country will have CE safety signs.
According to Calvin Clements, executive vice president, Assn, importer of woodworking machinery, CE marking. (WMIA)
And provide more stringent and uniform safety requirements for woodworking machinery in Europe, representing the \"European Community \".
\"As far as I know, all European woodworking machinery sold in the United StatesS.
There will be CE signs, although I haven\'t seen any mechanical shipments this year, \"said Riccardo Azzoni, WMIA secretary and president of Atlantic machinery.
Developed by the European technical commission representing several European countries, the standard recognizes safety factors such as machine safety guidelines, dust collection and electrical components.
There are two basic routes to show compliance: Self
Certification or adoption of a notification body. Self-
Certification is the place where manufacturers make their own assessments.
Passing the notification body means that an independent certification body conducts a consistency assessment.
European manufacturers who sell equipment without cement cabinets can be sentenced to imprisonment or a fine.
\"The trademark guarantees the buyer that this machine is as safe as possible,\" Azzoni said . \".
\"By combining this with proper operational training, there is less chance of an accident.
\"It means for European mold manufacturers that they have to build more safety --
In order to get the CE safety sign, conscious machine, \"said Tony Cannon, president of Wadkin North America.
\"You will see features such as power switches linked to the safety cover, which turn off the machine and add other safety features when the operator turns on the power.
Equipment manufacturers are completely irresponsible not to build the necessary security features on their machines.
Without proper training, the moving parts and sharp knives of the die press make it a very dangerous machine.
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