Programming system of numerical control woodworking lathe on the market in general is divided into two directions

by:Gewinn     2020-03-24
As we all know, in the process of choosing numerical control woodworking lathe, the lathe tool designed is reasonable is very important, but, in addition to pay attention to the lathe tool, designed by the appropriate programming system is also important. As rational design of cutting tools can not only make the car out of the wood smooth, out of wood, wood can also speed up the car speed, the appropriate programming system can make the car wood convenient operation, precise artifacts, thus improve the production efficiency. On the market of CNC woodworking lathe programming system is generally divided into two directions: localization programming and CNC programming, here are the advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of programming system: ( 1) Localization programming: advantage: all characters suggest, size directly input localization programming easy to learn, will measure caliper to operation, simple drawing faults: operation need input data is overmuch, error-prone, and affect production speed, if the artifact needs irregular curve, as more than a curve radian, vases, curve, it is hard to achieve, 2) CNC system: international standard programming system advantages: only when the car wood directly invoke the corresponding CNC file, enter the serial number to complete the operation. Operation convenient faults: suitable for the CAD drawing of a certain basis, in short, localization programming easy to learn harder to use, system running slow, CNC system was difficult to learn and easy to use, the system run speed, should buy CNC woodworking lathe according to the actual situation to compare, choose suitable programming system. Ozone is a highly efficient & other; Green disinfectant & throughout; , has a good bactericidal properties. In this paper, the ozone therapeutic instrument system design scheme based on single chip microcomputer AT89C51, and gives the system hardware and software design and anti-interference measures. After half a year of aging experiment and EMC tracking test to prove the reliability of the instrument, instrument has been put on the market.
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