Punch and manipulator is the inevitable trend in the industrial production and processing

by:Gewinn     2020-04-07
Loading machine hand USES modular design, can undertake various forms of combination, form more than one online production line. Components are: column, beam, The X axis) And vertical beam ( The Z axis) Bin system, control system, fluctuation, claw hand system, etc. Each module on the mechanical relatively independent each other, also can undertake any combination within a certain range, which can realize the lathes, machining centers, slotting machine, edm machine, grinding machine and other automatic production of such equipment. In practice, automatic loading machine hand can almost all walks of life have been extensive application in industrial production, with easy operation, high efficiency and workpiece quality higher advantages, at the same time the operating workers from heavy and monotonous work environment, more and more get the favour of the manufacturers, with this set of production line will highlight enterprise production strength, improve the competitiveness of the market, is the inevitable trend in the industrial production and processing. Want to learn more punch manipulator information up and down, please welcome to http://www. gmrcsk。 com
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