Punch manipulator factory automation production new revolution

by:Gewinn     2020-04-03
Punch manipulator is in recent decades developed a kind of high-tech automated production equipment. Punch manipulator is an important branch of industrial robots. Its characteristic is can be done through programming various expectations of job tasks, on the structure and performance advantages of both manual operation. Applicable products: metal plates, bowls and other similar products; Stand-alone multi-station punch manipulator, the use of a single track, with many sets of suction cups, track, or so up and down, from product, to move around, just put the sheet neatly stacked on the loading area, can be automatic production for a long period of time, just regular employees supplementary sheet; Equipment with a standard linear slide rail, the special hug, screw, servo motor as drive, PLC match color touch screen control, can be arbitrarily set parameters, applicable for different material products, and can be configured to different crawler to save a lot of artificial production activities, improve production efficiency. Domestic press manipulator production through the development of recent years, brought together a large number of excellent punching manipulator manufacturers such as gaomi city embellish chang machinery factory: WWW. gmrcsk。 com。
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