Punch manipulator pursuit of growth

by:Gewinn     2020-04-08
High-density seiko woodworking machinery factory main products are punching machine manipulator ( 20) CNC turret punch press, 12 - 20 station) , fully automatic CNC punch press ( 6 - 8 station) Simple, turret nc punch press ( Manual 6 location) , nc feeder, etc. 1) Install the many sets of mold on the same punch production automation production, reduce investment press 2) Reduce the continuous stamping mould investment with high-speed punching machine, with ordinary automation equipment and mould continuous production of 3) Is suitable for the continuous production, production of large transformation model must be easy to debug the performance specification: only when the 1) All Chinese text interface, easy to learn, easy to operate, convenient to debug the machine parameters. 2) Elevator automatic feeding, or vibration plate automatic discharging 3) X axis robot driven by servo motor, the Z axis adopts stepper motor drive, stable high-speed 4) Feeding way is: vacuum pump, electromagnetic pump, clamping fingers pick up 5) PLC central control, ensure the manipulator performance excellence 6) Apply & other; Automatic punching machine, automatic handling, automatic pressing, automatic detection & throughout; Automated processes such as 7) The highest efficiency can reach 4 s to complete an action, fully automatic up-down material manipulator welcome general customers come to http://www. gmrcsk。 Com/business negotiations.
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