Punch manipulator why so popular?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-27
Punch manipulator device features: 1. Save personnel operations, from each punch need an employee, to now more than one punch only need an employee to save changes. 2. Production efficiency, staff operations needed to complete an artifact 8 s, and the time required to complete a workpiece manipulator need only 6 s, manual operation is also influenced by some objective factors such as mood, fatigue, eat, drink, rest and so on will directly affect the production efficiency, these objective factors and the manipulator operation can be avoided. 3. Product rejection rate is low, the manipulator is according to the set procedures for light and light put not cause damage to the workpiece, and personnel operation from mood swings and new employees don't have affected the skilled operation process of workpiece. 4. Alleviate the difficult to dismiss workers and act as one of the enterprise human resource adjustment. 5. Increase benefits from the basis of an analysis of the staff and improve the production efficiency, saving reference manipulator operation one year can save 4 to 6 employee expenses.
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