Punch should grasp the principle of manipulator

by:Gewinn     2020-04-02
After the punching failure depends on whether the failure and to the difficulty of the failure belongs to the common fault, reasonable use different methods to analyze and solve problems, CNC punch press test troubleshooting master five principles: 1, after the first check of electricity power in the first place in the numerical control punch press under stationary state, through the observation, testing and analysis. Confirmation is a vicious cycle, after a fault or non-destructive fault shall be energized to CNC punch press; Under the operation of dynamic observation, inspection and testing, to find fault. Destructive failure of malignant must rear can electricity, eliminating the risk in the case of running away from dynamic diagnosis. 2, plan before operation ( Or static after move first) Maintenance personnel itself to do static after the move first, not to blindly, should first ask CNC punch press operator failure process and state. After reading machine instructions, drawings, can begin to find and deal with fault. Come up to touch the knock that, if broken, even this futile results may be tolerable, if the misjudgment of destruction of the scene, or the introduction of new fault or cause more serious consequences, after the meeting with infinite. 3, after the first software hardware should check whether the numerical control system software work normally. Some failure may be the parameters of the software is missing, or is using way of operating personnel, caused by improper operation method. Started dismantling big discharge of avoid by all means, so as not to cause more serious consequences. 4, after a set of special beyond a failure, should first consider the possibility of the most common reason, and then analyze rare special reasons. When in CNC punching machine spindle by zero is not allowed, for example, is often caused by block position change and reducing speed. Once appear this fault, should first check the block position. After rule out the possibility of a common fault, check the pulse encoder, position control and other links. 5, when there is a variety of complex fault after simple interwoven drag cover, at that time do not know how to start, should first solve the problem of easy, after solve difficult problems. Often in the process of solving simple fault, difficult problem can be easy, or inspired by beyond a simple failure, more clear understanding of complex fault, thus there will be a solution. Gaomi city embellish chang CNC machinery factory WWW. gmrcsk。 Com technique power is strong, widely introduced domestic and foreign advanced technology and equipment. Collection of scientific research, production, sales as one. The company has senior engineer 6 people, intermediate engineer 16 people, with CNC machining center, CNC milling, planer, grinder, lathe, precision milling machine, line cutting machine tool and other kinds of processing equipment more than 40 units. The company has advanced management level, pay attention to product technology research and development and customer feedback. After more than ten years of research and development, produce high quality CNC products. Company has a strict management concept on the manufacturing process, process and system, in the same industry product technology content and quality of the products are far ahead.
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