Punch stamping automation manipulator and importance to the development of the industry

by:Gewinn     2020-04-02
Punch press automation manipulator up-down material bring convenience for stamping industry: along with the progress of The Times, the reform of production process, used in daily life and production to the various tools and products, both in terms of automation development. Along with the changes of The Times, become the mainstream of all walks of life after 90, now artificial cost is increasing day by day, reduce labor cost, become a difficult problem all walks of life have to face. Especially in recent years, all appeared different degree of labor shortage, the continuous improvement of Labour costs, makes survival difficult in all walks of life, but also to determine how to improve the production process automation become the inevitable trend of development. Manual operation is unable to guarantee the precision and quality of products, can only be producer in new machinery to bring new blood to production. Stamping manipulator is imitate the people part of the action, according to set program, locus and requirement for PLC manipulator to realize automatic fetching, handling or operation of the automatic mechanical device. Applied in the industrial production of the manipulator is called & other; Industrial manipulator & throughout; 。 Robot and not just in simple sense instead of manual labor, but a combination of specialty and specialty of machine a personification of electronic machinery, both a rapid response and analysis of the environmental condition judgment power mechanical ability, and the machine can continue to work for a long time, high precision, the ability to resist bad environment, in a sense it is also the evolution of the machine process, it is one of the important production industry and the industry and set the service, is an indispensable automation equipment of advanced manufacturing technology. Stamping manipulator is on the basis of automation equipment, according to the characteristics of stamping production, specialized research and development for the realization of stamping unmanned automation production equipment. Can replace manual stamping the material in the various stamping production, handling, loading, etc, the whole production line efficiency to achieve 5 seconds. Risk for stamping and repeatability, processing industry, high tempo, in saving the cost of human labor, improve the safety of artificial and equipment to keep production capacity, product quality, process stability, etc, is modern industrialization & other; Innovation & throughout; The important spiritual embodiment. Up-down material mechanical stamping manipulator can carry goods, sorting items, instead of heavy work. Able to complete production mechanization and automation, can under the environment of high temperature, corrosion, and toxic gases to safeguard the personal safety operation, can be widely used in machinery, metallurgy, electronics, light industry and atomic energy etc. More punch manipulator relevant content to http://www. gmrcsk。 Com /, we wholeheartedly at your service.
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