Punch the precision of manipulator with its perfect design

by:Gewinn     2020-04-10
Punch design requirements for the workpiece positioning precision of the manipulator accurately, grab high precision, repetitive positioning accuracy and motion stability is good, and have enough ability to grab. By adopting cold-extrusion design requirements know, ladder radial hole with shell face and locating the center line of the seam allowance of parallelism and perpendicularity and coaxial degree were strict accuracy requirement ( 0. 1毫米) 。 We take in the design of power head alignment between rotary center line and the center line of the fixture is 0. 6 mm, power head rotary center line and the center line of the punch manipulator verticality between 0. 3 mm, at the same time also on the positioning accuracy of automatic feeding manipulator puts forward higher requirements. To follow the principle of benchmark superposition, processing, and the clamping cylinder lower cover the seam allowance on the end face and outside as the first and second datum respectively to clear the three degrees of freedom and two degrees of freedom of workpiece, by transverse convex platform outside shell removal of six degrees of freedom in the fixture. The location element selection in the design of fixture is pyramidal structure, ensure the workpiece have higher to neutral, and ensure that the workpiece when clamping well since the positioning ( Artifacts like outside the spherical) 。 Radial ladder hole circumferential position precision workpiece will be guarantee by indexing fixture. Artifacts installed in the framework of the fixture of workbench face, punch manipulator lifting above the frame on the slippery course of every artifact after manipulator handling processes to complete all 12, so grab accuracy is very important in the design of the manipulator. Want to know more information please welcome to http://www. gmrcsk。 com
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