Punching machine manipulator - up and down Stamping and manipulator

by:Gewinn     2020-04-01
Single: stamping manipulator can be divided into single simplex bits, a single transfer stamping manipulator. A single simplex bit stamping manipulator is suitable for larger, the sheet stamping production situation. Commonly used with hair sheet feeder. And a single transfer stamping manipulator is more suitable for small workpiece stamping and machining occasions require multiple stamping process, general cooperate with automatic feeder and ring material in production. Stamping manipulator characteristics: 1, mainly driven by the high performance servo motor to achieve; 2, which can realize rapid positioning, lift, mobile; 3, the use of special design of lateral translation structure and auxiliary lifting structure; 4, the whole machine adopts microcomputer control and interlock control puncher, operated by touch screen and parameters setting; Introduction to stamping manipulator is up and down on the basis of automation equipment, according to the characteristics of stamping production, specialized research and development for the realization of stamping automation unmanned production equipment. Can replace manual stamping the material in the various stamping production, handling, loading, etc, the whole production line efficiency to achieve 5 seconds. The automation equipment for stamping and repetitive processing industry, risk, high tempo, in saving the cost of human labor, improve the safety of artificial and equipment to keep production capacity, product quality, process stability, etc, is modern industrialization & other; Innovation & throughout; The important spiritual embodiment. Most flexible stamping automatic line by a double action drawing press or multi-link single-acting drawing press of 4 ~ 5 single action press and assembly line, the production of large automobile body covering parts, high safety, stamping of good quality. Production line layout automatic loading system, the data structure by open buttress machine, clean oil, to the upper machine, material mechanical arm up and down ( Robot) And swam ( Roll) Send an automatic conveyor, from the blank of the expected stamping line all done automatically. Beat up to 6 ~ 9 times/min. The whole press line about 60 ~ 80 m long, about 6 ~ 7 operating workers. Some adopt international advanced high-speed compact press line, can quickly increase the productivity of the punching machine. Sheet metal used in today's advanced optical camera system for positioning. Hydraulic drawing press choose drawing cushions, advanced each automated unit with a robotic arm, eliminating the shuttle transport unit, shorten the transportation distance, reduce the distance between press, production rhythm can be up to 10 / min. Functional features punch manipulator in order to adapt to the production requirements of flexibility, up and down all the control function of the press should be integrated, so as to realize a full set of mould menu management, mainly including the slider stroke adjustment, in the pressure of the balancer, air cushion stroke adjustment and automatic control system and so on each link of the parameter Settings. Scene with communication network, field device connected, interactive operation, scattered function module, open function of field bus technology is the development direction of press control technology, to realize automation has an obvious role in promoting. Press control system integration can be through a single interface to operate all the press and die in all kinds of control functions, including fault diagnosis, mould configuration menu, programmable limit switches and mould monitoring and adjustment, etc. , and make the equipment maintenance more convenient, and obviously increase the effective work of press time. Puncher mechanical servo drive system is the most outstanding characteristic is: motor with eccentric crank gear connected directly, due to the speed of the motor can be adjusted, which can be arbitrarily adjust the speed of crank mechanism, arbitrary speed up or slow down the pressing speed. The another big characteristic of the servo press is matching is very high. Due to the motor speed of the servo press can be adjusted, so the possible implementation in the process of stamping stamping movement and blanking force of stepless adjustment, make the work of the press curve matching with various application requirements. In order to ensure that the crank to complete accurate movement, the user can by maintaining a constant deceleration drawing processing implementation or stamping velocity, such not only can improve the quality of plate production, but also can prolong the service life of mould. The speed change and control of the servo press through the reasonable optimization design, and adopt the integrated module, according to the modular structure of manufacturing, if you don't need to use the servo function, the machine can work like traditional press, constant power and stroke.
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