Push the table saw operation standard book

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
A, job preparation 1, 2 will work place is clean, check whether the dust collection system is normal, check whether the blade is sharp, whether to lock, whether the size of the saw blade in China furniture BBS on a straight line, the national 4, check the power supply, commissioning, Machine idle for 1 minute) And check whether the machine is normal 5, ready to timber and accessories ( Plate, etc. ) , ready to work 2, 1, operating procedures, power supply is connected to the machine working normally start work after 2, pushing plate on the bed, adjusted the block size 3, plate stuck with fixture, sheet according to the hardness and thickness of the adjustment of cutting speed, uniform 4, will push the bed sheet of about 150 mm, material member began to connect with the hand, keep the plank translation until the end of the cutting 5, each a kind of workpieces, must do a good job first check 6, in the process of machining end want to do a good job in July and self-checking homework, cut off power supply, cleaning the scene three, note 1 it is forbidden to wear loose clothes, homework personnel, sleeves rolled to above the elbow or new QQ tight, long hair must be set up, are not allowed to wear gloves when 2, homework, wood or plate should be close to the machine, do not move; Workers do not stand on the material orbit, in case material rebound hurt; The advancing at a constant speed when saw 3, homework personnel shall not hand pressure on the blade operation line, saw the knot to slow down when, at the end of 4, small open ( Less than 100 mm) Application, material not directly with the hand, batten down 5, change the saw blade, should be a switch power, pay attention to the saw blade to counterclockwise, pay attention to the direction of the sawtooth 6 when saw blade, sudden accidents shall be immediately after the shutdown check 7, processing, use dust blower gun to clean the inside of the machine, must not be allowed to use hand to touch, in order to avoid hurting hands 8, without the prior permission of the director of the mechanical operation personnel is strictly prohibited
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